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    b8 steering wheel swap s line to flat bottom airbag wiring question

    Did you manage to get this fitted? I am in the exact same position in the moment ? And am needing help on how to get it done?
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    Audi A3 flat bottom steering wheel retrofit

    looking to get the Audi a3 8V 2013 flat bottom steering wheel fitted to my Audi a4 2009. Mine is a multifunction steering wheel on a SE MODEL. Is There anyone on this that can do this? I know the plugs need to be spliced and connected? Any help will be appreciated.
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    Subwoofer on non Bose A4 not working

    How do I check this? Or fix it ?
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    Subwoofer on non Bose A4 not working

    dear all, I have 2009 a4 1.8tfsi se. I have just been in the car and I adjusted the subwoofer volume, but sound isn't changing. I checked the factory sub in the boot compartment and it isn't working. What can I do? I tried taking the cable off and putting it back in but that didn't work...
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    Mike's Sepang Blue B8.5 Audi A4 Avant 2.0 TDI S-line BE+

    It looks great mate ! Thumbs up for all the options you have chosen ! One of the best looking estates around ;) should be proud !!!
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    Few Updated Pics :)

    Your car looks very good mate - you should be very proud
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    120bhp 1.8T 2009 A4 Remap

    Dear everyone, I have a 2009 audi a4 1.8t with 120bhp. I am looking to get my car remapped. I have seen some figures online at various websites. I was wondering if anyone had this done to their 1.8t engine? What is the outcome like? I have seen a remap on the revo website but it seems to good...
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    HIDs for foglights

    hi guys, Happy new year to everyone firstly :) hope everyone has a great year of modifications and trouble free motoring! I am just wondering if anybody has fitted any HIDs to their foglights and if so what ones have they used ? Is it easy to do or is there a type of HIDs I need to buy...
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    Hi trups, How much is the projector kit and how much if I want you to fit it for me please ?
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    A4 b8 drl replacement to led

    What do your lights look like now mate ? I would love to do this but like M90KKL I am worried about my skill level to do this. How much was the kit ? Could you fit it in my car ?
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    Hi mate, looking to fit projectors in my non xenon Audi a4 b8 2009 car.. How much is the kit...

    Hi mate, looking to fit projectors in my non xenon Audi a4 b8 2009 car.. How much is the kit? And how much will it cost to get you to fit it all in ?
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    Resetting service light URGENT HELP

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, I have had my vehicle serviced and I have managed to reset the oil service indicator on the mmi but I don't know how to reset the actual service light. How do I reset this light ? Anyone in the London area who can reset this ?
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    A4 b8 drl replacement to led

    Hahah thanks to both of you. Karl what bulbs were they ? Can you link me to which ones you bought ? I don't have an account with vwaudiforum so it's not letting me view it. To remove headlights, do I need to remove the bumper ? The cutting part is what I am scared about...
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    A4 b8 drl replacement to led

    I've got halogens mate Thanks for the quick reply
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    A4 b8 drl replacement to led

    dear everyone I am new to the forum I have just bought a 2009 Audi a4 b8 and I am looking to get the drl yellow lights changed to led White bulbs. I have read I need to make holes and cut the headlight to access the drl bulb. Is there anyone who can explain in detail how to do this ? Also...