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    Alarm going off Audi B8.5

    Hi guys, I've got an issue where my alarm goes off whenever it's locked. I've tried to turn the sensors off and it still goes off. This evening I got in it and the battery was almost flat. This could mean the alarm has been going off but I'm not sure as I can't hear it from where it is parked...
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    Audi A4 B8 Avant Tow Bar

    Hi again, One of the jobs I have planned for my Avant is to fit a tow bar. I've got a few quotes and the cheapest quote I found kind of indicated that it wont be the genuine electrics because I shouldn't be too worried about parking sensors and other driving assist options. And that was £400...
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    Recommendation to refurb Rotors in Cambridgeshire or Norfolk?

    Hi All, I'm not quite ready to do it, but can anyone recommend someone to refurb some 19" Rotors in and around the Cambridgeshire/Norfolk border. I'll obviously travel up yo an hour or so for the right company. Not really thought about we hat I'll put on the car whilst it's being done yet.
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    Rear diffuser for 3.0tdi S Line Avant

    Hi Guys, I've recently brought an A4 3.0tdi B8.5 Sline Avant and it has a few dings that I plan to get sorted. One of them is on the rear diffuser trim and I can't seem to find a second hand one the same. I've attached a pic of the rear and of the damage.
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    DAB Aerial - Open Circuit

    Hi All, I've just purchased an A4 B8.5 3.0tdi Avant Black Edition. It's fully loaded and I'm loving it. It has a few bodywork niggles that I'm going to work my way through and 2 faults. One of which is a parking sensor which I'm on top of. The other is this: Fault Found: 02877 - Digital...
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    Audi A4 Avant Engine Advice needed

    I am new here - I currently own an Aud A2 and its been an amazing little car for me over the years. But I think I am going to be applying for an internal job soon, and have always been a fan of the A4 Avant, and I could do with a bigger car going forward and with this new job i'll be getting a...