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  1. cobraBLACK

    For Sale Audi S4 4.2 V8 Quattro 2004 (B6) manual in Goodwood Green

    £7995 140,000 miles I've owned this car for nearly 10 years, in which time I’ve spared no expense in maintaining and improving it to run approximately 400 BHP. It had done 97k mostly motorway miles when I bought it, so I’ve done less than 5k miles per year since then. It’s been looked after by...
  2. cobraBLACK

    RNS-E Mk. 2 and AMI

    I've got a 2010 RNS-E (mk. 2) and I've just bought the AMI module, a Kufatec harness and a mini-USB cable (part #4F0051510H). I've connected it to a caddy with an SSD. After connecting it all up, coding it with VCDS and rebooting, I see the AMI option in the Source menu but it says "not...
  3. cobraBLACK

    Who's Got the JHM Tune Cable?

    A guy in Aberdeen called Nillamb had a JHM tune cable which he'd kindly passed on to other owners so it was doing the rounds but I can't track it down. Does anyone know who has it?
  4. cobraBLACK

    Timing Service or Not?

    I'm thinking about selling my S4. It's done about 133k and I'm wondering if it's worth doing the timing service. There's no point in spending the money and not getting it back with a substantially increased sale price. Can anyone who has sold their S4 in the last few months let me know how...
  5. cobraBLACK

    Non-Genuine Headlamp Switches on eBay (8E0941531B)

    Has anyone bought a replacement switch on eBay? Mine's got some paint chips on the surrounding dial as well as the actual switch and Audi want over £100 for it! Judging by the prices on eBay, the new ones are non-genuine so I was wondering if anyone's bought one that they're happy with. I need...
  6. cobraBLACK

    Rear Door Not Unlocking

    I searched for this topic but and found a short thread but it had no resolution. Anyway, as of this weekend all doors lock and unlock with the fob as expected but, when the rest of the doors unlock when I remove the key from the ignition, the rear-left one doesn't. I tried using the central...
  7. cobraBLACK

    Water in Boot - Any Ideas?

    I've noticed water collecting in the spare wheel well of my 2004 S4 Avant over the last few months, causing heaving condensation, so I've been trying to work out where it's coming from. I've ruled out the washer system: I didn't use the rear washer for over a week and inside the tailgate trim is...
  8. cobraBLACK

    Auto-Window Malfunction - Driver's Button Panel Only

    I know our cars' auto-windows periodically need resetting but I have a strange problem where the rear nearside window auto-closes but I have to hold the button down to open it. I just tested with the switch in the rear and it's fine - so I guess there's a problem with the driver's button. Has...
  9. cobraBLACK

    RNS-E Mk. I to RNS-E Mk II Comparision

    Here's a short write-up I did in the ICE section:
  10. cobraBLACK

    RNS-E Mk. I to RNS-E Mk II Comparision

    I thought I'd post something for those thinking about upgrading or purchasing an RNS-E unit. I upgraded to a mark II because my eBay-sourced mark I failed and I thought, rather than pay another £300 for a unit that could also fail I would be better off investing in a mark 2 from NHN. Mark IIs...
  11. cobraBLACK

    Upgrade to Mk 2 RNS-E

    Hi there. After troubles with my mk 1 (detailed here) I decided not to waste any more money repairing it or risk wasting any more money buying one off eBay so got Nigel (AKA NHN) to splice me up a mk 2. The plan was to take the fascia from my mk 1 and place it over the screen and internals of...
  12. cobraBLACK

    New Shell Garage Near Southampton

    In Eastleigh, specifically Passfield Avenue opposite Fleming Park's fields. Shame they couldn't have opened it whilst the Chandler's Ford one was closed but at least it's there now.
  13. cobraBLACK

    Stripped Torx Panel Screw - Any Ideas?

    I was attempting to replace my fog bulbs with some that match my xenons. All was going well until the centre of the last screw, which was rusted in place, disintegrated as I turned the driver. The screw looked like that in the photo below. According to VAG Cat it's a 8H0807199A. Can anyone...
  14. cobraBLACK

    RNS-E Random Reboot with 2012 Disc

    Hi. I bought an RNS-E a couple of months ago with a DVD-R disc inside (2011 maps, I think). I got a couple of read errors so I thought I'd buy a genuine disc. I picked up a 2012 Western Europe disc from eBay for £60. Several times today the unit's stopped, screen goes blank for a second and...
  15. cobraBLACK

    Wiper Speed

    I noticed a while ago that it didn't matter which position I put the intermittent wiper switch; the delay was always the same. I thought maybe it was just that particular instance where the wipers had automatically sped up because of the drip pattern or something but I don't think we have that...
  16. cobraBLACK

    RNS-E - A Couple of Functionality Questions

    I've just upgraded the RNS-D to an RNS-E in my S4 but there's a couple of things I want to check: 1. When the unit powers up, the bottom half of the DIS shows the compass point letter and nothing else. I have to toggle the stalk button to get range, MPG, etc. Is that normal? I know which...
  17. cobraBLACK

    RNS-D to RNS-E - A Unique Problem (It Seems)

    I've done plenty of research but can't find the answer so it seems no one has had the same problem. Can anyone help me out please? It's becoming extremely frustrating as I've had the unit in for a couple of weeks now without it working properly. I've put the RNS-E into my 2004 (B6) S4 with...
  18. cobraBLACK

    RNS-D to RNS-E...Again

    I thought I'd better drop this thread in here as well as the B6 forum: I've bought an RNS-E for my 2004 S4 (B6) but I want to make sure I'm getting the right cables. I considered an eBay special but I'm worried it'll be a waste of money if it isn't compatible with my CD changer and Bose sub...
  19. cobraBLACK

    RNS-D to RNS-E...Again

    I've bought an RNS-E for my S4 but I want to make sure I'm getting the right cables. I considered an eBay special but I'm worried it'll be a waste of money if it isn't compatible with my CD changer and Bose sub and amp. On the other hand, Kufatec do an RNS-D to RNS-E upgrade kit, although £70...
  20. cobraBLACK

    Millteks with Rusty Tailpipe Interiors

    Just bought a second-hand Milltek for my V8 S4 (B6) and the insides of the tailpipes are a little corroded. I know some exhausts will have a coating inside and I didn't want to risk scrubbing it off. Can anyone recommend the best course of action? Here's the nearside pipe (the offside is just...