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  1. JamieOS

    A4 B6 1.9TDI occasional high idle

    My A4 1.9TDI has started occasionally idling at about 1200 and holding revs for a bit after I let off the accelerator. I've also observed it just revving a bit on its own. Like it will rev up to about 1200rpm by itself. My suspicion is an air leak or something, but I'm not sure. I just said I'd...
  2. JamieOS

    HELP Bonnet wont open

    Your car looks to be a B7, so its in the wrong forum. Same bonnet latch as a B6 though. I'd imagine the cable either popped out or snapped. Here is a video I found on google. Hopefully it helps. Its going to be a ball ache to free that latch. Not sure if removing the grille will help or not. I...
  3. JamieOS

    Bonnet Release cable/latch sticky

    My bonnet release cable/latch is getting sticky lately. It takes a fair pull to get the bonnet to release and it often doesn't "pop" open. You have to go and pull the actual bonnet to get it to pop open and stick out the little leaver to open it fully. Also the release on the interior doesn't...
  4. JamieOS

    Strange instrument cluster fault

    That was my first thought, but it didn't seem to work. It normally would switch the LCD in the centre on and off, but the milage and clock under the Speedo and tacho would always stay on. It's a strange one.
  5. JamieOS

    Strange instrument cluster fault

    Ok lads, this is an odd one. My A4s cluster is acting. A bit odd. The car starts and drives fine, but the cluster is only partly working. Revs and speed works as does the temp gauge. The fuel doesn't, but that's an ongoing issue related to something else. The lights above the LCD all seem to...
  6. JamieOS

    Lockdown Restoration S3 8L

    Nice to see a fellow paddy on here. Also nice to see someone keeping one on the roads here. So many of them ended up as breakers. I've had my B5 S4 parked up all summer and I find that more things break the longer I leave it. It was supposed to hit the roads again at the start of May this year...
  7. JamieOS

    A4 B6 ABS System Function Test Fault Code Help

    I bought it new from Ilexa a few years ago and registered it so I should be grand. Fingers crossed I get a solution lol.
  8. JamieOS

    A4 B6 ABS System Function Test Fault Code Help

    Cheers for the tip. It is legit, so it can't hurt to sign up and see what answers I can get there too.
  9. JamieOS

    A4 B6 ABS System Function Test Fault Code Help

    I can't seem to get rid of this code stored in the ABS Module. I've followed Ross Techs video on doing a System Function Test. but I'm not having any luck getting it to clear. Its a slightly different code as shown in their video. If anyone has any advice, let me know. Here is the video I...
  10. JamieOS

    What colour is my A4?

    My friend called it and me gay when I bought it as my first car in 2011. That coming from a lad that drove a 98 fiesta has his first car. It wasn't my first choice of colour, but it was Quattro, had heated seats, a satnav and loads of other interior extras so I wasn't going to turn it down...
  11. JamieOS

    What colour is my A4?

    Definitely crystal blue metallic. Same as my A4.
  12. JamieOS

    Audi S3 8L Exhaust

    You could get a custom one made if you can find a reputable exhaust shop. A catback shouldn't be too much work, but the downpipe is a balls to make if you are going for 3 inch.
  13. JamieOS

    Red Brake Calipers on S3 2002 8L?

    I think you'd be better off parking it up in a heated shed and leaving it alone if you are wanting it to be an futureall original future classic. Then go and buy another one that you can actually enjoy. I might be mad, but I don't think modifications would hurt the value of a car as long as...
  14. JamieOS

    Big brakes problems

    Bleed them with a pressure bleeder and VCDS if possible. I recently bled my B5 S4 with Brembo 18Z 6 pots up front and I couldn't get the pedal to firm up at all until I bled using VCDS. I wasn't even sure if I did it correctly or not, I just opened the nipples and bled each caliper as normal...
  15. JamieOS

    Big brakes problems

    What are they? 20 pots? :welcoming:
  16. JamieOS

    Audi S3 8L bi xenon group buy #3

    Is there any setup procedure with VCDS for new headlight motors or anything?
  17. JamieOS

    S8 18" Avus I wheels

    They are 18x8 et48. A friend of mine had them on his S3. I thing he ran 20mm front and 25mm rear spacers. Those tyres you have are too big. 225/40/18 is what you want. Or 235/40/18 at the most. With that bigger rolling radius of the 245/45/18s, your Speedo will read incorrectly by a few MPH.
  18. JamieOS

    Clutch brand

    I'd go with organic then as that's the same style as stock, except the Sachs Organic one will handle more power than stock. Have a look at Sachs website wnd you will see both styles of clutch. The organic one is the solid disk style and the 4 paddle has 4 patches of material. The organic one...
  19. JamieOS

    3 Inch downpipe options

    I can't say anything about those specific downpipes, but I've seen parts from Scorpion before and they look to be pretty good. I'd steer clear of cheaper ebay stuff. Its never a great fit. My S3 had an XS Power downpipe on it when I got it and it didn't fit worth a damn. I got a custom downpipe...