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  1. Toshers

    MRC Stage 2 or 3 Anyone?

    Keen to know if anyone has upgraded their intercooler, gone decat downpipe, intake mods then had MRC custom map their FL RS3? I know Revo and APR quote this as stage 2 but I think MRC have these mods as stage 3. Interested to know if anyone has any figures for an MRC stg3 FL RS3?
  2. Toshers

    Tyres...Who needs tyres?

    I have 2x Michelin PS4S brand new 255x30x19 tyres. Also full set of staggered RO2 fitment Pirelli tyres. These are new take offs. Open to sensible offers.
  3. Toshers

    Removing Downpipe??

    I've started to change the downpipe and swap to the Milltek. This is a major job though! Does anyone have the official Audi workshop guide for this? I don't want to go too far before checking that everything I think is going to have to be removed, is actually required.
  4. Toshers

    Michelin PS4S Tyres 255x30x19

    Following on from various posts, and not wanting to hijack another thread, I'm testing the water here... I was going to try a square setup of 255x30x19 tyres all round, but have changed my mind and decided to stick with the staggered setup. So, is anyone considering the switch to Michelin PS4S...
  5. Toshers

    HG Intake Pipe - Fitting Issues

    I thought I would write a short summary of my experience fitting the HG Motorsports intake pipe. I'd done some research and read several posts from others that had fitted it. Removing the standard intake pipe is very straight forward and self explanatory. I was forewarned that there could be...
  6. Toshers

    Red Calipers - Swap/Change?

    I bought my car from my local dealers stock allocation and it had a few extras that I wouldn't personally have included. One of these was red calipers. I have to admit I'm not loving them... I think it would be too difficult to swap with someone who has black calipers and wants red, so I'm...
  7. Toshers

    Decat Pipe - Noise Increase?

    What level of noise increase have people experienced fitting a decat pipe? I have the Audi sports exhaust which I will be keeping from the cat back but wondering what impact the decat will have? I still need the car to be sociable in the mornings lol
  8. Toshers

    Stage 2 DP - What's the best?

    A lot of sensible owners are now having their RS3 mapped to release some extra ponies, and I think that's great! Plenty of discussion around intercooler upgrades (I've personally opted for Forge), but I can't find a lot of information on decat pipes. I'd like to keep the Audi sports exhaust...