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    Wiper Problem on 1999 S4

    Hello,have just returned to the fold after buying a S4,but have a problem with the wipers.When I start the car they start sweeping,stop without returning to the flat position.Also when I use the wipers,they wont switch off when I switch them off by the stalk.Any ideas would be appreciated,as the...
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    Bose speakers in S3

    Ive just bought my 8l S3,and it has the Bose system in it,with the sub.The speakers are sounding a bit tired!Has anyone upgraded the speakers from the Bose ones,and could offer me any suggestions? Cheers Paul
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    Just thought i would say hello

    Hello,i have just rejoined,after not having a Audi for a few names Paul,am from Milton Keynes and I have just bought a 1999 Ming Blue S3,which needs a bit of love!
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    Performance exhaust for b5 1.8t avant

    Im looking for a aftermarket exhaust for my avant,can anyone recommend any as ive been looking around and not a lot of companies produce them Thanks Paul:icon_thumright:
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    Sizes of door speakers in a 97 a4 avant

    Can anyone tell me what size the door speakers are in a 97 a4 avant,as i want to upgrade mine from the standard,and can anyone recommend any? Cheers Paul
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    Intermittent problem on A4 1.8t sport

    Ive got a a4 1.8t sport and now and again when i turn the key it will fire and die,but if i start it again with some revs its fine.its been suggested its the immobiliser/ignition loom as the key symbol comes up on the dash when it dies.has anynoe else had this problem Cheers Paul
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    Remap for 97 a4 1.8t 20v

    Ive got a a4 avant 1.8t 20v sport,and as its a early car,ive been advised that it needs to be chipped rather than remapping it via the diagnostic port.can anyone point me in the direction of decent companies that do this and what sort of price i would be looking at Cheers paul
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    Newbie saying helllo

    Just thought i would introduce myself as ive just joined.My names Paul and i drive a very low A4 avant 1.8t sport,slammed on coilies and 18 inch Mercedes AMG rims.Ive got a few plans for it in the future:thumbsup: