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  1. jgrannyfield

    HELP! Boot wont shut!

    Hey Audi gang! As in the title, my boot wont shut, it closes but just wont like fix in place if you know what i mean! it can still be opened when the boot is locked which is a nightmare! Any quick fix ideas, if only for the night!? Thanks
  2. jgrannyfield

    Seduced by Nogaro blue and black bits combo!

    Hey! After a couple of months of deliberation I have decided to transform my nogaro S3 into a blue/black beast like some of the others on here! I am breaking up from uni next week and i my time off I want to at least get all the grills sprayed before Xmas. Does anyone know what people use...
  3. jgrannyfield

    Cleaning the grey/cream suede on S3 recaros!

    Hey! Not sure if this belongs here or in detailing! Anyways, this wet weather has done no favours to the seats in the S3! The suede is looking really dirty and "bobbled", anyone got any handy tips or products that can be used to get some life back into the stuff! Thanks!
  4. jgrannyfield

    2001 S3 enjoying alot of oil!

    Heya! Just wondering what sort of oil drinking habits everyone elses S3 has? My oil minimum light is coming up about every 1200 miles, is this normal, or just the nature of the beast! Thanks gang!
  5. jgrannyfield

    Grille falling out?

    Hey, Let the ol father borrow the S3 last weekend and a fox decided to run into the front of him when he was on the move! Anyway, the central lower grille has popped off. I have pushed it back on and made sure all the lugs are in the right place, but it doesnt seem to "lock" into place and just...
  6. jgrannyfield

    Cambelt help!

    Hey, bought my S3 about a month ago now, and been trying to find out if the cambelt has been changed! Finally found out that it hasnt! The car has done 95500 miles! Audi dont seem to want to give me a straight answer as to when it needs to be changed becuase it was sold by them at 75,000 and...
  7. jgrannyfield

    Removing Nokia Hands Free Kit?

    Hey, bought my S3 last weekend and loving it! However, its got the Nokia Handsfree kit attached and it looks pretty secure! Anyone know how to get rid of it? O and this a bluetooth module or something you can buy, becuase I know the stereo has all phone software on it? Thanks
  8. jgrannyfield

    1.8T S3 or 3.2 A3??

    Hiya! Bit of a situation, was gonna buy a 2001 S3 tomorrow, but just been looking on the net and found some new shape 3.2 A3's for the same price with lower mileage! Really dont know what to do? What would the S3 have over the newer 3.2?! Bit confused to be honest! Thanks!
  9. jgrannyfield

    S3 search and future help!

    Hi, pretty new to the whole S3 scene! Was so close to getting a Seat Leon Cupra R, but think I have changed my mind for the better now! Found an awesome 2001 S3 with 84,000, just wondering if there are any things I should look at for an S3 with this milage, and any problem areas I should avoid...