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  1. itchyhippo

    Audi S1 - High Pitch rotational noise under acceleration

    Good Evening! I have a 2015 Audi S1 and under heavy/full acceleration I get a rotational sounding high pitch 'ch-ch-ch' noise that increases with road speed. The noise is ONLY present under acceleration with Quattro enabled. As soon as I pull the fuse on the Haldex, the sound disappears. -...
  2. itchyhippo

    Hill Hold Assist

    So I'm under the consensual opinion that Hill Hold cannot be activated on facelift A1's/S1's - however, i've just treated myself to ODBEleven for Christmas. Their app/forum seems to suggest Hill Hold is possible using the following coding; Hill Hold Assist Activation Select Control unit 03...
  3. itchyhippo


    FOR SALE: In excellent condition; Audi RS grill (Xenonz UK model) with Black Audi Rings. Grill is in perfect condition apart from one of the top screw holes is broken. This has been broken since I received the grill 2 years ago and it has not affected the look/security of the grill on my car...
  4. itchyhippo

    Hill Hold Assist - VCDS?

    Chaps, Is Hill Hold Assist programmable with VCDS? I've heard conflicting info about it on the S1. Cheers! Alex
  5. itchyhippo

    Service costs - good deal?

    Evening all, First S1 - only had it for two days and WOW! Incredible. Coming from a 185 A1 - this thing is like a rocket! Anyway, I bought my S1 on Saturday and it is exactly two years old with 45K miles on it. It is on the Flexible Longlife Service schedule and had an Inspection/oil change...
  6. itchyhippo

    Looking at an A5

    Chaps & chapettes, I'm looking at an Audi Approved Used 2014 A5 Black Edition 2.0 TFSI 225PS. I'm familiar with the Audi brand having come from the twincharged A1 which suffered from high oil consumption. My question is; does the 2014 onwards A5's still suffer with potential high oil...
  7. itchyhippo

    AMI Retrofit (PIC HEAVY)

    Evening chaps & chapettes, Have finally managed to retrofit AMI (Audi Music Interface) to my BE A1. I didn't have connectivity or Sat nav in my A1 and wanted some kind of Nav without paying the silly prices to retrofit any OEM systems and without having to use crappy 3rd party interfaces and...
  8. itchyhippo

    A1 Black Edition 185 Detailing Thread (PIC HEAVY)

    Chaps & Chapettes, :newbie: Finally after two years of owning my Audi A1 Black Edition (185) I have decided to show off some of it's beauty and my hard work keeping her clean! For anyone wondering, she is a 2012 A1 with 33K miles. 1.4 twincharged engine with Audi's 7 speed Stronic gearbox...
  9. itchyhippo

    Can't send private message?

    Hi guys, Trying to send a private message to member sijones but it won't allow me to send it to him? Any ideas why? New to this forum! Thanks Alex
  10. itchyhippo

    Retrofitting head unit

    Hi guys, I don't have the connectivity pack and I would love Nav in my car. I'm watching a head unit on eBay with two SD card slots... My questions are; is it just a case of swapping the units over, getting the SD card and having it activated? Not sure if my car is equipped with GPS...
  11. itchyhippo

    Light malfunction

    Hi guys, Got in my car tonight and had a big error hit me.... I get the error 'Lighting malfunction' followed by 'Left and right Brake and Fog light malfunction. Now the break lights are constantly on... I'm worried to say the least! Any ideas? Plugged in VCDS and the error codes won't go...