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  1. pjeffe9172

    RS4 B9 Avant - Fueling on startup

    Hi all, One thing that niggles me is that on cold startup the fuelling seems be a bit poor so if I try and drive straight away at low RPM <2500 the car jumps around. Does anybody else get this? The way round it is to wait for the rev counter to drop from 1k to 800 after about 30 seconds and...
  2. pjeffe9172

    Loose Wheel Bolt Caps No More

    Good evening everyone, Ever since I’ve had my RS4 the wheel bolt cap on the locking wheel bolts were all fairly loose. They used to come out when pressure washing the wheels. Inevitably two came off driving through some of this rain we’ve had recently. I looked online and found people selling...
  3. pjeffe9172

    I am Michael Knight....

    haha 35 years ago we were amazed at Michael Knight talking into his watch and controlling KITT.... Well with today’s update to the myAudi app in the AppStore you now have access to the vehicle status and lock unlock features from your Apple Watch! Just updated the app and then it updates the...
  4. pjeffe9172

    Intermittent rubbing, grinding noise OSF wheel

    Hey Guys, I’ve posted this into this forum rather than the RS4 as I’m sure it isn’t model specific. It’s more so when it is wet or damp conditions there appears to be a rubbing or grinding noise coming from the drivers side front wheel. It happens when the car Is going straight not just when...
  5. pjeffe9172

    Audi POI Special Destinations - Another way to do it

    Ok guys (and girls), so I along with many have you have had months of frustration trying to get POI Special Destinations (mainly speed cameras) to work since Audi removed the feature from their site. You will see many posts where some can get it to work and others can't. My MY16 A4 TDI worked...
  6. pjeffe9172

    Clear Protective Film

    so Guys....I’ve had an S4 specced ready to order but always had in my head that should I drive the RS4 to give me an informed decision whether it was the S4 I wanted and be happy with it. Needless to say my local dealer suddenly showed an RS4 suddenly on Friday so gave them a call to go and...
  7. pjeffe9172

    A little rant.....

    Morning all, So in the next few weeks I'm putting a deposit down on an S4, so needless to say I have taken a lot of interest in the S4 posts on this forum over the past few months. Why is that it is full of: "You don't buy an S4 and then think about economy" "You don't by an S4 for...
  8. pjeffe9172

    Living with an S4

    To all you S4 owners out there, I purchased a 2016 A4 avant 2.0tdi S-Line last year as I was starting a new job and thought I would be doing long journeys and needed the economy. A year in, ive done 13,000 miles and tbh I’m averaging 54 to the gallon. I love the size, shape and styling of the...
  9. pjeffe9172

    Doors click at low speed in 1st gear

    Good evening everyone, Whilst driving back from work this evening, every time I slowed down or came to a standstill and pulled away again in 1st gear the doors clicked. It sounded the doors locking themselves. I have never noticed this before but checked the MMI to see if there was an auto...
  10. pjeffe9172

    Cannot select albums/artists through Bluetooth MMI

    Good morning, So driving along yesterday I thought I would play some music from my iPhone through Bluetooth. After selecting media it proceeded to play but not the track I wanted. I clicked left on the console to display the albums like I have always done, however now it doesn’t it just take me...
  11. pjeffe9172

    Great smart repair - Luton Area

    So annoyingly last weekend I went to wash the car and noticed that I had scuffed my bumper: After falling on my knees and crying and pondering as to how on earth I had done it, I rang round some smart repair companies. Interestingly 2 never bothered responding but one did Smarttouch near...
  12. pjeffe9172

    Audi Phone Box - Key Icon

    Good afternoon everyone, Ok so in my phone box I have a key icon (see image). Ive done some searching but can't find anything telling em what it is, however what I do see are lots of people complaining about their advance key battery running out quickly and replacing etc.... Just wondering if...
  13. pjeffe9172

    Sensor on rear of frameless rear view mirror

    Good evening, I want to install a dash cam and the logical place is behind the rear view mirror. The easiest place is on the passengers side as I can piggy back the power from the dashboard fuses on that side. However..... There is a sensor on the back of the mirror but I don't know what it...
  14. pjeffe9172

    Self Closing Boot - Warning Sound

    Evening all, When I picked up my car the boot made an audible warning when it was closing. This has now stopped.... I'm not sure if this is a setting somewhere or only works in certain circumstances. Has anybody got any ideas please? Thanks
  15. pjeffe9172

    Dynamic Wheels - Paint Code???

    Good afternoon all, I have the 5-spoke Dynamic Wheels which have a dark grey paint on the inside of the rims. Does anybody know the paint code for these? I need a touch up pen as the wheel has one or two chips and want to 'nip them in the bud' before corrosion starts. Cheers
  16. pjeffe9172

    New to forum - B9 A4 Avant 2.0 TDI S-Line

    Good evening everyone, I've joined the forum this evening having just picked up my 2016 A4 Avant. This is my first Audi and so far I'm very impressed with the quality, the style, the technology and the Audi Customer Service. I look forward to joining in discussions and meeting many of you.