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  1. tdisportuk

    Strangle idle and drive 2.0tdi 140 BKD

    Hi there, car is a 2006 a3 2.0tdi 140bhp BKD Vagcom was showing the MAF sensor needed changing so had this changed yesterday, after the MAF sensor was changed the revs went all wierd not so long after the change, also cant really remember if the car was like that before the MAF sensor change...
  2. tdisportuk

    Mass air flow sensor

    Hi everyone. Need to change my mass air flow sensor as its showing up on vagcom, and its giving crap fuel economy! Got one on order (£52) are these easy to change? if so is there a guide or anything else that i need? car is a 06 reg 2.0tdi BKD engine and obv an A3 =D Many thanks in advance:)
  3. tdisportuk

    Audi A3 Dash problems - cluster dead! URGENT

    Hi all, Recently one morning when i started my car, everything fired up then within a second the cluster was 'dead' whilst driving the back lights jus flick on and off then eventually does nothing. All the warning lights work normally such as handbrake light, etc etc the DIS, and all...
  4. tdisportuk

    Funny divorce letter! ouch!

    Best Divorce Letter, everrrr! Dear wife: I'm writing you this letter to tell you that I'm leaving you forever. I've been a good man to you for 7 years & I have nothing to show for it. These last 2 weeks have been hell. Your boss called to tell me that you quit your job today & that...
  5. tdisportuk

    gotta love these! funniest decal stickers - some which apply to 8p's!

    what do you guys think of these? personally i think their funny for abit of humor...
  6. tdisportuk

    ..Have any of you seen batman? - NOW WORKING

    Airport security: What is your Name? Traveler : Batman Airport security: Your Real Name; Please? Traveler : Batman Airport security : You Think You are funny. What is you name? Traveler : Batman Airport security : OK. Your Family Name? Traveler : Superman Airport...
  7. tdisportuk

    i've read most of the 8P related ICE just a few questions please! help

    Hello all i know: 1) front and rear speakers are 6.5" 2) existing wiring can be used 3) tweeters are 1" 4) i have a non-bose amplified set up 5) i am taking the aftermarket d/din headunit option 6) im not looking to amp front or rear speakers yet as i already have a sub, just want some SQ for...
  8. tdisportuk

    Sport to S-line conv or Sport to S3 conv? HELP ME!

    hello everyone ive currently got a 2006 audi a3 2.0tdi sport in black. I want to do a front end conversion, it already has the big grill so will not need a bonnet change or anything major. now i cannot decide what to go for..the s line look or s3 look?! give your opinion please i love both...
  9. tdisportuk

    every single audi made in pictures..! 'With motorsport victories coming out of their exhaust pipes and enough technological acronyms to send you into a cold shiver – Audi is a force to be reckoned with.' Happy reading!:whistle2:
  10. tdisportuk

    TTS Air vents

    Hello all just saw Boydie's new S3 and liked the look off the TTS Air vents will these fit in a 2006 sport a3? and if so isit as simple of using a flat s/driver and pushing the old ones and slipping the new one in? any one have the part number and a price?:sos: many thanks :beerchug:
  11. tdisportuk

    etka + elsawin quick question

    hello all decided to get a copy of etka and elsawin discs. The version the guys selling is elsawin- ver 3.61 and etka: 7.2 are these the latest versions? here is the link of anyone else is interested...
  12. tdisportuk

    help! lost locking nut! grr!

    Hello all just got off the phone to my rents who are currently using my car for the odd errand whilst im away back in 4 weeks! they phoned asking where the locking nut is as the tyres need changing. i thought the locking nut was in the boot, but apparently not!! is there any other way around...
  13. tdisportuk


    well after you all read about some tramp wrecking the front end of my car to steal a bumper?! if i put an S-line bumper on there would it fit striaght on? or do i have to mod anything? and the same with an S3 Bumper? thanks btw in regards to the damage put on a new wing from tps and got a...
  14. tdisportuk

    when the airbags delploy..does the slip ring has to be changed?

    Hello all as above when the driver and passenger airbags deploy does the slip ring (squibb) has to be changed? also after the bags deployed when i turn the ignition on the horns sound for like 2/3 seconds then go off but i cant use the horn manually like pressing the horn nothing sounds..? why...
  15. tdisportuk

    Problems after a new slip ring

    Hi all had to have my slip ring changed due to the horn switch part being faulty, had the slip ring change now the cars throwing up ESP errors and the steering lights on. Steering does not swing back as it used to. Could it need a lateral angle sensor too? how can i sort out the ESP its not...
  16. tdisportuk

    another lil theif!

    well recenlty some c**t decided to bent my o/s wing break my grill to pull the bumper off! (which obv must of broke as there were bolts and clips all over the place :banghead:. wondering if anyone has an s line grill for an a3 for sale thanks in adv
  17. tdisportuk

    another econ light!

    Hello all my air con pump was broken, the part where the compressor plugs into the loom the clip had managed to break off so there was no way to connect it back up, not possible to weld it, so i managed to buy a like for a like air con pump, got it fitted econ light still on..could this be...
  18. tdisportuk

    part number needed quite urgent

    hello had my windscreen smashed. had it changed by autoglass, i need the part number for a rear view dimming mirror, one which allows the auto wipers lights and dimming mirror. car is a 2006 audi a3 tdi sport many thanks :footy:
  19. tdisportuk

    auto wipers, lights etc

    Hello had my windscreen changed to the proper one with the sensors etc etc. what do i need to do now? thanks
  20. tdisportuk

    number plate holder

    anyone got a number plate holder for sale? the one that goes onto the grill thanks