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    A3 Budget Track Car Build

    Hi all, I've been meaning to start one of these for a while now. So, rewinding about a year and a half, my friend purchased a 2005 A3 2.0 TFSI Quattro from a garage who they know the owner of. It was a P/X so the dealer just wanted rid and sold it for £750. It had 120k miles on and was sold as...
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    Coolant Pipe Screw

    Hi all, I'm replacing the thermostat, two questions hopefully someone can help with: I need to undo a 12 point screw holding the metal coolant pipe going from the thermostat to the Oil Cooler. It seems to just be holding it to a bracket but it's stopping me from pulling the pipe out of the...
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    Belt Tensioner Lock

    Am I being thick here...I don't see the bolt to turn to move the belt tensioner so I can lock it?
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    Wiring Help

    Hi all, hoping for a little bit of wiring help if anyone is knowledgeable in the area. I bought something that came with a cable attached but I'm looking to extend it. There are four wires within the cable, so I purchased what I thought was the same cable (with four wires inside) but the...
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    Exhaust Fitting Query

    I'm trying to figure this out and need to run it past someone to make sure I got it right! So I have a Milltek cat back system and a standard downpipe on a 2.0 TFSI. To get these two to fit, I believe I need... 69.85mm (2" 3/4) OD to 63.5mm (2" 1/2) ID Exhaust Reducer/Expander My logic being I...
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    Problem Badges Awarded

    Not sure why, but I have been awarded badges for 500 posts, 2500 posts, 10000 posts and 20000 posts all at 11:40pm last night. Don't believe I've hit any of those levels yet!
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    Steering Wheel

    I have been looking into getting an aftermarket steering wheel but tbh, can't be bothered with the hassle come MOT time. I have the older 8L type wheel which I quite like, but is there any other wheel that would fit that's perhaps a little fatter and smaller diameter (but won't break the...
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    Split Rim Alloys

    Hi all, On my Audi I have (what I believe are) 18" Speedline split rims. They're all solid but need some TLC. I like them, but they don't really fit what I'm doing with my car so I might look at selling them. I wondered if anyone knows whether it'd be better to get them refurbished and then...
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    Thermostat Replacement

    Hi all, I've got my replacement thermostat finally arriving tomorrow. I have a few jobs to do at the front end that need the bumper off and wondered if I remove the bumper, crash bar and radiators, can I get to the thermostat via the front? I've seen the usual way is to go in via the top but...
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    Homemade Grill

    Has anyone successfully (or not so successfully) tried making their own front grill? As a pre-facelift owner, I'm kinda forced down this route anyway, but even facelift grills are expensive given the materials. Just wondered if anyone had any tips from their own experience?
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    For Sale Full Rear interior from 3 door A3 8P

    I have a full rear from a 3 door 2005 A3 8P Sport for sale. Not got photos yet and some of the rear is still in the car but it's all on it's way out. It's done 120k so it doesn't look new, but feel free to throw offers at me. I'll try get photos this weekend. Rear Seats - £80 Boot floor - £10...
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    "Twintercooler" Measurements

    Does anybody happen to run a "twintercooler" on their S3 / A3 and would be able to provide the size details and details of where it bolts to etc? Or even better, if anyone has installation instructions that would be ideal? Need a project to keep me busy whilst I save for the downpipe and remap.
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    For Sale A3 8P Discs and Pads

    I have for sale some extra discs and pads that I bought for my A3 and never ended up fitting. Eicher Rear Discs, to fit 1KJ-1KU-1KZ, 282mm diameter - £30 pickup from BD20 Pagid Rear Pads - fit numerous cars as listed in the picture, also for 282mm discs - £15 pickup from BD20 or I can post...
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    2.0TFSI Exhaust Help

    I'm looking at the cheapest way to improve exhaust flow on a 2005 2.0TFSI. Is it worth spending about £1k on a full turbo back kit or can you see similar gains from just a sport cat and a downpipe? If so, which ones do you recommend? Ideally I don't want to break the bank (not what the project...
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    Using Jack and Axle Stands

    This might sound like a dumb question, but how do you jack your car to then put it on axle stands? The Haines manual I have kindly points out axle stands should be used at the jacking point of the car...but then doesn't give any suggestions for how to jack the front of the car to allow you to...
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    Engine Coolant Temp

    So today I took the car out for a good run to try and figure out what's going on with my coolant temp gauge. I plugged in the OBDEleven and set off, temperature slowly increased. What seemed to be happening is at low speed / town driving the temperature was hitting 90 degrees as expected and...
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    Front Suspension Replacement Bolts

    Hi all, Does anyone know the part number or can link me to replacement bolts for the front suspension strut? Specifically the single large bolt at the bottom of the strut arm? I believe these are one use bolts and therefore need replacing when replacing the strut. Cheers, Dan
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    Oil Change

    Hi all, When my car gets back from its MOT the first thing it needs is an oil change and filter change after being stood for over a year. I have plenty of oil and plan on draining the existing oil out, filling up with fresh then replacing again. Is it worth running the car for an hour / day /...
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    Front Window

    When I put my driver side front window down it is fine, but when i try and put it back up again, it makes a juddering noise and sounds kinda like it's going to break. Is it worth replacing the whole mechanism or just a specific part to get it to stop? Cheers
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    JOM Coilovers

    I'm looking at getting a set of JOM coilovers for my 2.0 Quattro, but in the description it mentions about shortened drop links for going lower than 40mm. I did a search and found this thread: What I'm wondering though is if...