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    Fitting Xenon lights

    Auto-levelling isn't the issue with most peoples HID retrofits you see on the road that blind you, its the projector lens they fit them in to. If you have the correct headlights, and are adjusted to the correct height, they won't blind anyone. I've fitted genuine xenons to 2 A4s and 1 A6, never...
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    Good Price?

    Personally, I would say that's too cheap, there's got to be something with it. I was looking at 1.4 S-Line 3 door, 2011, 30k, and that was £12k. I might be wrong, maybe an online car place gives that as its current value and they've just gone with that. Personally, I would do a HPI check first...
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    Fitting Xenon lights

    Fitting Xenon's isn't very tricky. Does require some new parts apart from the headlights themselves, and to be completely road legal yes you do need headlight washers and auto levelling. I worked in a council run MOT station, and all they are able to check is the headlight washers, so...
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    New Eibach Sportline Springs 50/40mm for Audi A6 4F / C6

    Thanks guys. Think I'll go for these soon, just bought an RS6 style grill to be fitted first.
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    New Eibach Sportline Springs 50/40mm for Audi A6 4F / C6

    You got any better/larger photos of these? And maybe a before/after comparison? I'm interested in a set for my saloon.
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    Pure Rally- European/International/Cross Country Rallies

    Hi, Welcome to the forum! I have looked at lots of different European rallies, but never actually done one (never been able to find someone to share the driving/expense). I've looked at Pure Rally, but the one I'd love to do is the Modball Rally. It's open to all cars as long as they have 2...
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    Fantasy Formula 1 ASN League 2014

    ;) you know it. The first year we did this that I won, I did so with spending the least, so here's hoping!
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    Fantasy Formula 1 ASN League 2014

    Entered my team, wish I'd do it a bit earlier as I couldn't get exactly the setup I wanted, but I'm fairly happy. Team: Slacker Driver 1: Hamilton Driver 2: Magnussen Chassis: McLaren Engine: Mercedes Joker: Malaysia
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    Talk to me about carbon build up on a6/s6...

    All FSI engine suffer from it. Mine has. High octane fuel won't do enough. Nor does standard Terraclean. I'm in the process of having a new form of Terraclean done to mine. Will report back when its done with the results (probably be a few weeks yet).
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    Attending List. 12th of October.

    1. rhubarb4 S3 8L 2. JoJo S3 8L - Track 3. Prawn A3 8L - Track 4. ScottB5 A4 B5 5. Audi-a6 6. Arrkon - Non Audi taxi - Track 7. tonya4 A4 B5 8. Andytq A4 B7 9. 6833jon A6 C5 10. Audibritz A4 B7 11. 12. Jonse S3 8P 13. vivalacoulter S3 8L 14. marston - s3 8l - Track...
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    Windows tinted and a wee photoshoot!

    Looks nice! What % tint is that?
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    Paintless Dent/Smart Repairs Around Guildford?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can recommend any smart repairers around the Guildford area. Don't mind travelling a bit further though. I got a quote from a guy of £45 per panel, but I have 4 car park dinks in 3 panels! So makes it very expensive! Ideally I would be looking for someone...
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    fitting sat nav

    All you need is the DVD Navigation drive, maps disc, GPS antenna, and a set of cables to tap into the MOST connection. Very easy, I've done it. Got everything from eBay. You don't have to run any cables along the car, you just buy a already made set that plugs in the boot. You may also need to...
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    what alloys???

    I had rotors on my old A4 and they did the same. Didn't care though. If you could see both sides of the car at the same time I might have done.
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    what alloys???

    I run 265/35s on my 19x9. It's the OEM size for that size wheel. Pretty hard ride really, especially if your on any sort of sports suspension. If you want a smoother ride you'd need to go up in size, but it depends on what width wheels you get.
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    what alloys???

    For the size of car, 19s are a minimum, 20s are perfect. Depends if you want a skinny tyre or not.
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    Halfords Fully Synth 5w30 meets VW 507.00 Long life Requirements £6.88 per liter!

    I only said genuine VAG oil as it is what VW/Audi use for their services. And just because it is suitable for a VAG vehicle doesn't make it the same. Most 'fully synthetic' oil isn't actually fully synthetic. Read about Royal Purple oil, very expensive stuff but its true fully synthetic.
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    Halfords Fully Synth 5w30 meets VW 507.00 Long life Requirements £6.88 per liter!

    Or go to TPS and get genuine VAG 5w30 Longlife 3 for £32.99 for 5 litres
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    A6 quattro S line suspension harsh

    Heard good things about Koni FSD shock absorbers. If your going to change them, don't bother with OEM. Wouldn't say you need to change the springs too, but you can get a set of lowering springs for about £250 so might be worth doing it at the same time as the shocks.