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  1. The Governor

    Remap on 170 Diesel - is it worth it?

    I've been thinking of a stage 1 remap for my 170 BE Quattro. but didn't want to do anything drastic like remove the DPF so I dn't get any future MOT problems. Talking to regal, they're saying that will limit the BHP increase to 190 - 200, so now I'm starting tot hink is it worth it or not for...
  2. The Governor

    EGR Valvle maintenance?

    As this sounds like a part that tends to go a fair bit on Audi's, is there a way to periodically clean it up to maintain it? I'm sure I've heard people talking about removing their EGR and cleaning out the carbon and refitting, or am I imagining it? Alternatively, are there any fuel additives...
  3. The Governor

    FM Reception suddenly poor?

    I parked the car up for a week due to illness, when I got back in the FM reception seems to have become suddenly really bad, it's fine in some places but on what seems like the same points on my commute is terrible. It's always been fine, so I can't figure out what has happened... does anyone...
  4. The Governor

    Replacement key - any good suppliers

    Taking a chance someone can help me out a bit here, this is actually for my wife's Ford. Her key is a pain as it doesn't always unlock/lock the car. I called Ford and they want £200 (!!!!) to supply and code a new one. I've heard people occasionally mention other suppliers who can supply coded...
  5. The Governor

    Floor mats - any good quality, good suppliers?

    My drivers floor mat has developed a hole, I'm looking to replace but Audi want about £60 just for the two front mats !! Is there anywhere I can buy just the drivers side? And for decent money?
  6. The Governor

    Dynavin fitting

    Hi all I'm part way through fitting a Dynavin N6-A3 into my (2011) BE with Bose Got it mostly done, sound works fine, but I've got a few questions: 1 First off the clock isn't updating, it doesn't seem to be picking up the time form the radio, even though I'm getting radio text. 2. These are...
  7. The Governor

    New Head unit to replace Concert in my BE

    Hi all, I'm trying to talk myself into changing my head unit, I'm getting fed up with the limitations of the Audi set up and plan to keep the car for a couple of years yet at least. I'm really after something that looks decent, but doesn't cost the earth, but also get it fitted, I don't have...
  8. The Governor

    Concert Aux volume?

    I was talking to a VW driver the other day and he was saying he is able to increase the volume/gain on his Aux input via his headunit, it's logical to assume that this would also be available on the Audi headunits, but my Concert has no options... can anyone shed any light?
  9. The Governor

    Envy Car Care (Gosport) rescued my A3!

    :thumb: After the tips in my previous thread I took the plunge with Tim of Envy. I'll confess with some trepidation, it's a not cheap process and having had my paintwork messed up previously by a so called Audi "pro" I was a little...
  10. The Governor

    Bluetooth Phone sync is not very good?

    Is it just me, or is the Audi Bluetooth phone software a bit... rubbish? I've had a succession of Android devices, and when I sync them to my car instead of it always using the first letter of the first name as the sorting order, I get random effects. Just for clarity I use Google Mail...
  11. The Governor

    Coolant light after standing for a week?

    Hi all, just after a quick bit of advice, I've had a week off ( :D ) so the car hasn't been used for a full on 7 days. When I started it earlier, the coolant light came on as I reversed and stopped on the road (which slopes upwards so the nose was down). I turned off and checked the expansion...
  12. The Governor

    Buying a dual-action polisher

    HI, just after a bit of advice and guidance form the experts :) Due to some inattentive washing by the dealer, I have some swirl marks etc in my paintwork. I'm making progress polishing them out by hand using Autoglym SUper Resin Polish, but it's got me thinking that it's about time I got a DA...
  13. The Governor

    Fuel filter schedule for 2.0 TDi?

    When I called to arrange my second service a couple of months ago they service guy at Soton Audi asked if I wanted the fuel filter done as it is due at 40k, as I had a reasonable way to go until then I said I'd do it later. As 40k is coming up, I decided to check the book and oddly, it says...
  14. The Governor

    Dealer car-wash blues :(

    So, dropped my BE into Southampton Audi for it's first MOT, Haldex and brake fluid change. All good, quite happy (outside of being £200 lighter in the wallet region). When I got home I realised that despite me asking them only to hoover the inside, someone had washed it, leaving lots of...
  15. The Governor

    Best alternative to RNSE?

    I've got a 2010 8P Black Edition, with the Concert Head Unit. I actually think the concert is a bit rubbish from a functionality point of view, but don't want an RNSE because they're too expensive for what they are, and secondly they seem to attract thieves :) So, if I was to replace the OEM...
  16. The Governor

    Anyone had the JustDrive DAB fitted by Just Connect

    I just got an email saying they're doing a sale, £179 inc fitting and steering wheel interface... just wondering if anyone had any experiences using them or the system? They do mobile fitting too, which is potentially handy... Digital Car Radio, Car DAB radio, Convert car to DAB | JustCONNECT
  17. The Governor

    Underseal on sill split - how to rectify?

    I was mooching about under the car yesterday for no good reason really and I noticed that the underseal below the sills has come away just behind the front drivers wheel, just ahead of the jacking point. I'll stick a photo up when I get home, but it's like it has peeled back somehow, and there...
  18. The Governor

    Four wheel alignment in Hampshire/Southampton area?

    I've been meaning to get this done, my tyres are about due so I think now is the time, can anyone recommend somewhere in Hampshire that can do proper four-wheel alignment? doesn't seem to show anyone up locally...
  19. The Governor

    Talk to me about long life servicing :)

    My 8P BE Quattro is getting near to servicing time. I notice in the DIS that there are two service indicators, the first is a self-explanatory "Oil Service" due in approx 2100 miles. The second is unhelpfully labelled "Service", due in about 2500 miles. Looking at the book, I think there is...
  20. The Governor

    Where shall I take the BE for it's first service :) ?

    Got my first oil/filter change coming up on the BE, I live in Hampshire so could pick, Poole, Salisbury or Southampton Audi. At a push, I could also use Swindon Audi as I'm over that way occassionally. Southampton is nearest, would be interested in any experiences of them all though, I know...