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  1. alijames

    Top Gear trains?

    Anyone on here ever own the S8 used as the loco on tonight's Top Gear? Y668 MRX was the Reg number. What a bunch of daft eejuts they really are... Cheers,
  2. alijames

    2.0tdi or 3.0tdi ?

    Hi Guys, Currently an 8L S3 owner, but I think the time has come to change it for something I can get the old folks in, and looking at a B7 or possibly a B8 A4 Diesel Quattro Saloon. There seem to be plenty of 3.0tdis around at the monent for reasonable money, and was looking for opinions on...
  3. alijames

    Why young drivers should not be allowed to drvie dad's sports car...

    BBC - Newsbeat - Son writes off his dad's £275,000 supercar Doh! Amzed and impressed at no injuries to driver and passenger though... Cheers,
  4. alijames

    Stutter at high revs under acceleration

    Hi All, Just noticed a repeatable stutter for the first time today, which only happens above 5k when accelerating hard. The engine seems to misfire and stutter until I change gear, then we are off towards the horizon again, smoothly until we hit around 5k again. Checked it again several times...
  5. alijames

    Top Gear Hot Hatchs Sunday night

    Anyone see TG this Sunday? Thought it was a real shame the new RS3 was not in there alongside the RS500 & that crazy Volvo. Boy did the Ovlov sound sweet!!! Cheers,
  6. alijames

    Sudden clutch biting point change

    Chaps, Looking for advice on a curious one with my S3 the last few weeks. I've noticed that the biting point has shifted very high on my clutch the last week or so. It used to be quite low before. It does not seem to be slipping, but I'm concerned it might be on it's way out. Had a new clutch...
  7. alijames

    Ariel Atom V8

    I don't care if my golf clubs won't fit, I WANT one!!! Cheers,
  8. alijames

    Top Gear is back!!

    New series starts Sunday 23rd January on BBC2 @ 2000hrs :jump: Cheers,
  9. alijames

    Spam posts increasing?

    Is it me, or has there been a huge increase in the spam and other bo\\ox posts since Christmas? :ermm: Rather ironic considering the worldwide level of spam has dropped significantly in the last month... BBC News - Global spam e-mail levels suddenly fall Cheers,
  10. alijames

    After an AMK S3 downpipe...

    HI All, Anyone got a downpipe for an AMK S3 lying around collecting dust I could strike a deal for? Mine is corroded and the heatshield is buzzing away at low revs. Cheers,
  11. alijames

    Yellow 51 Plate S3 on A420 south of Oxford ~1430pm?

    Anyone of you guys. Almost certainly did not notice me in a beat-up old wrks Mondeo Estate Diesel...
  12. alijames

    ABS/TC sensor at front ofcar?

    Hi All, I have recently developed an intermittent ABS and/or Traction control light on the dashboard. They will be on for a day or two, then go off until I hit a bump in the road when they come back on. The only area I've been working in recently is around the headlights when I replaced a...
  13. alijames

    Gordon Brown's Legacy

    Made me laugh. Sadly the original BBC page has now disappeared... Cheers,
  14. alijames

    Easter in the Lake District?

    Anyone from here off to the Lake District for Easter weekend? I'll be up there from Thursday to Monday around Kendal/Windermere, and as my old man is recovering from a hip replacement, the golf will be limited. Anyone up for a meet/beer/coffee or even a game of golf...? Cheers,
  15. alijames

    S3 Hoggy spotted yesterday?

    Hoggy, Was that you coming down the hill from Boars Hill towards the Hinksey Interchange yesterday around 3pm? I'm guessing you from the number plate... I was in the silver one coming up the hill. Cheers,
  16. alijames

    The A3 is now the choice of Chavs. Noooo!

    B**ger. Just happened to be in a pub where some cr*p video by the Blackout Crew (apparently called 'Ravers Binge') was on, and the centrepiece car was a seriously chavved up A3 8L Not good for all of our street cred methinks...:banghead: :keule: Cheers,
  17. alijames

    Red 02 Plate 8L S3 at Bicester Rugby Club?

    Just spotted it from the road as I drove past. Looked very tidy, with what looked like 19s with sprayed on tyres. Any one on here? Cheers.
  18. alijames

    Greeny/Grey 09 S3 North Oxford last night?

    Followed it from Pear Treeast night. He certainly shot off up the A4260 towards Sainsbury's! Anyone on here, as I love that colour? Cheers,
  19. alijames

    Clutch Pedal slow to rise

    Hi All, A curious problem the last week or so : When I start up from cold, the clutch pedal does not rise back fully until the engine is warmed up. The biting point is fine and the clutch still works as I would expect, except that the pedal rises to about half way, then stops. If I then take...
  20. alijames

    S3 Top Mounts

    Hi Chaps, Hopefully changing my shocks next week, as she is bouncing around all over the place, and lifting the inner front wheel when accelerating through uphill corners, and the forums suggest replacing the top mounts at the same time. Which of these bits do I need to get? Both the top two...