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  1. Martinbanshee

    S3 Saloon Suspension & Headlight warnings on dash

    Just had two warnings pop up on the dash when I started the car, anybody got ideas what the cause could be? Haven’t modded anything or hit potholes, they just came on yesterday morning. The headlights still do their up/down sweep when starting the car.
  2. Martinbanshee

    Revo Recommendations

    Decided to push the button on a Revo Stage 1 now that warranty has expired, any recommendations for a Revo dealer in/near North East Scotland? Cheers.
  3. Martinbanshee

    Can anyone with Sat Nav identity this?

    Does anyone know what the blue arrow in the DIS at the top left and pointing left is for? It doesn't seem to correspond with lane positions and isn't the symbol for turning left. I've only seen it appear before roundabouts so far and it disappears at the 500 yard mark. I can't find any info...
  4. Martinbanshee

    Just bought these blanks, nice little addition

    I was having a look through some Audi parts sites and found these so ordered a couple, they match the interior of the A3/S3 perfectly and as they are genuine Audi the quality is top notch. The silver bezel is aluminium not painted plastic €25 for 2 delivered to the UK, special delivery from...
  5. Martinbanshee

    S3 intercooler/s position

    Are the intercoolers the 2 rads in front of the wheels and fed air from the front side grilles or is there one at the centre like other cars? I can't seem to find the answer but pictures seem to show 2 smaller ones either side rather than 1 larger centre one.
  6. Martinbanshee

    Any experience with Xenon Plus Adaptive Headlights?

    I keep going over the spec of the S3 Saloon I've ordered to make sure I don't later regret not speccing something. The car isn't expected until December so I've got a bit of time yet to change stuff. I've been looking at the Xenon Adaptive Headlights again and just can't find enough info to...