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  1. simonwjones

    DAB radio can it be added

    When I did my DAB install I glued 2 wires to the contacts on the rear side window using conductive paint. I held the wires in place using tape whilst the paint dried and then built the paint up over about 2 or 3 days Never failed since I did it Simon
  2. simonwjones

    Dog/luggage blind compatability?

    "To the rescue again"
  3. simonwjones

    Dog/luggage blind compatability?

    looks like its a different part number from here and fits different so I would say No looks like its totally different Simon
  4. simonwjones

    Dog/luggage blind compatability?

    looks like its the same with part number 861-10 heres the list of a 2015 car and heres the one for a prefacelist c6...
  5. simonwjones

    Gateway swap - coding issue 00303

    have a read of B5NUT's thread here to see if its any help Simon
  6. simonwjones

    alarm horn location

    cheers for that job for tomorrow wonder if I can get to it by taking the lid off the ecu box typically out of the 2 possible positions in in the worst place thanks again Simon
  7. simonwjones

    alarm horn location

    At least Im not cracking up then or gone blind. wonder if its in the rear somewhere, although cant remember seeing it when I fitted my dab etc, has that process required a fair bit of rear trim removal I suppose the only other option is to set off the alarm with the windows open and try and...
  8. simonwjones

    alarm horn location

    that's the images I have seen on the net Mine is definitely not there Simon
  9. simonwjones

    alarm horn location

    B5NUT aren't those just the standard horns this is the one Im trying to locate
  10. simonwjones

    alarm horn location

    the alarm horn, h12 is opencircuit so have ordered a replacement. Ive seen threads showing the position of the horn under the scuttle panel mounted under a bracket next to the heater valves. On mine its definitely not there. can anyone confirm where it should be thanks Simon
  11. simonwjones

    Wind resonating

    Lower the opposite one a small amount and it will balance the pressure in the back of the car Simon
  12. simonwjones

    severe lack of members ?

    It has always been the same when using the C5 forum as well the rest seem very busy apart from us Simon
  13. simonwjones

    tail light fault

    I would check the contacts on both the bulbs and the cable connecting to the bulb holder. I believe they are suspect to condensation and can cause oxidation on the pins of the cable and bulb holder connection. clean they with a bit of light emery paper and spray with some electrical contact...
  14. simonwjones

    Questions about MMI and Reverse camera

    you are running 5140 mate Simon
  15. simonwjones

    2008 rs6 mmi problems

    I have AMI in my car, but only have the USB end at the moment. I put my genuine apple cable into here and I get the same as you I believe that you need to use the proper AMI to Apple cable to get this to work. If you want to stream music from your phone one of these is supposed to work well...
  16. simonwjones

    Facelift what and when?

    The Lemans was only a £250 option over the standard SLine, but the difference is worth loads more From memory you get 19" wheels Better leather Heated Seats Interior lighting pack Pearlescent paint I would presume that there probably more Lemans 2.7 and 3.0's out there than standard S-line...
  17. simonwjones

    Got the new car A6 Sportline 3.0 TDi Quattro Avant. Few little issues to solv

    I would recommend retrofitting the DAB radio, its just as good as the AMI I fitted. with the Avant its an easy install to do and theres some good instructions available on the net. It probably cost me about £200 all in, including new fibre, power, fakra and digital amp let me know if you need...
  18. simonwjones

    3 x mechanics 3 diff diagnosis! HEEELP!!

    When my DMF first started to go the first symptoms were a slight shake on the car when on tick over. you could see the passenger seat vibrating !!!!! a slight touch of the accelerator and the vibration would stop. The vibration was exactly the same even if you depressed the clutch hope this...
  19. simonwjones

    52 plate Audi A4 B6 2.5 Tdi will not start

    If it is the High Pressure Pump I had mine fully refurbished by Diesel Bob in 2011 and it cost me £649 in total that was a mechanical and electronic refurb with 12 months warranty. Symptoms of mine was that it just died whilst driving and would not start at all. Hell of a lot cheaper than a...
  20. simonwjones

    Gen 2 /3 Iphone 5 cradle

    Hi if anyone is after a Iphone 5 cradle for there factory Gen 2/Gen 3 adaptor, I found this one ebay Thet are about £20 cheaper then anywhere else and have 1 left Ive just had one and it was unopened and brand new I know they only charge the phone, but at least it keeps it safe and...