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  1. jasonallen

    Selling up

    Afternoon guys, As the title states I'm now selling up. So basically I'm after a full A3 S-line interior (Front & rear seats, front & rear door cards, centre console, dash board, glove box, steering wheel & gear stick) in mint condition if another knows of any one selling an interior or if...
  2. jasonallen

    Selling up

    Alright kids, it's now that time and i'm unfortunately selling up. The majority of my car is now up for sale except my air, wheels and front seats. Everything else is available. Just had the interior completed recently so everything remains fresh. Really need swaps for some parts. Lemme...
  3. jasonallen

    1.6TDi Remap?

    Know its a long shot, but has any one remapped a 1.6TDi? Just considering one for mine. Cheers guys
  4. jasonallen

    Head unit

    Out of curiosity how much is a 2011 Audi A3 Sline head unit worth.
  5. jasonallen

    Exhaust on TDI

    Alright guys now I've been seriously debating if I should get a cat back exhaust system on my 1.6 TDI, and I just wanted to get everyone's opnion! Cheers people
  6. jasonallen

    LED's on A3...

    Hi guys I've got a 2011 Audi A3 and I'm wanting to replace the standard interior lights and number plate lights with LED's And i was wondering if you guys could either link me the right lights or where to get them from or even point me in the right direction Cheers guysss :)
  7. jasonallen

    MK6 GOLF R interior...

    Hi guys i just wanted to know if MK6 golf R interior would fit into my 3 door a3?
  8. jasonallen


    right this is a subject that I've never been able to work out basically what I'm trying to find out is what is the maximum et is on an a3 you can run and also would et 45 tuck? thanks for looking:)
  9. jasonallen

    19" Audi/BBS speedlines for sale!

    For sale are my gorgeous Audi/BBS Speedline Splits They have a custom finish in Range Rover Candy Red with polished lips and have as new Toyo Proxes T1 Sport 215/35x19 all round with a lovely stretch. A full set of these at Camskills is over £500. BBS Speedline 9x19 ET41 5x112 Toyo Proxes...
  10. jasonallen

    Operation A3

    So this is was my first car; Broke my heart putting it back to standard but it had to be done, but bigger and better things is what they say But last week i collected my new little toy, an Audi A3 TDI S-line Already done a few little mods to it already deleted the rear wiper, removed the...
  11. jasonallen

    9j all round on a3?

    if any one has any pictures of an a3 on 9j all round, could you post some pictures please? thank you
  12. jasonallen

    SB vs A3

    now I've been wondering about this for ages and i wanted to gain you guys opinion on it but whats the difference between the arches on the A3 & the SB. i ask this question simply because i purchased speed lines of Robin Pinning who currently has julians old SB, and i was interested as to if they...
  13. jasonallen

    Audi Bi-Xenon headlights with LEDs....

    yesterday i received my new car as some of you may know, but i stupidly didn't get the xenons included but HazzyDayz are able to fit me these and they sent an email to me ask me if i want to include headlight washer jets & autleveling do i get these included?
  14. jasonallen

    removing a3 wiper

    so today i collected my new a3 whoop!!!! and i wanna do my first modification already and this is removing the rear wiper now i removed the wiper on my old car but the a3 is slightly different as the washer is also connected to the wiper i believe so i basically just want an insight on how to...
  15. jasonallen


    i know im in the wrong section but ive seen this rolling about near me and had to get a picture!
  16. jasonallen

    merc wheels on a3??

    as my idea of putting bmw wheels on my a3 went out the window due to them being to wide ive come across some Mercedes CL600 wheels on one of the forums..... now these wheels are 8.5x19 ET43 fronts and 9.5x19 ET43 and i just wanted to gather info from you guys as to how exactly they would sit...
  17. jasonallen

    A3 delivery date

    been told today that i will be expecting my new audi on the 2nd of august (fingers crossed) :hubbahubba: honestly cant wait! booked in for air on the 6th keep a close eye on my thread's around this sort of date;)
  18. jasonallen

    Bentley rims...

    Hello guys Just a quick question, I was wondering if i would be able to lay frame on Bentley's if i had air?
  19. jasonallen

    fat fivess

    you guys got any pictures of audi fat fives on a3's?? i'm planning on getting some:D
  20. jasonallen

    alarm system

    hello people, quick question scheduled to be getting a new 11 plate a3 and i just wanted to know what the alarm systems come like just wondering if theres any point upgrading alarm systems