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    OEM Turbo Dampener Delete Mod

    So for a long time i've had my eyes on getting rid of the turbo dampener on my 3.0 TDI, but I didn't fancy spending £90 on darkside development's intake pipe, which also allows you to get rid of the turbo dampener fitted. I also didn't fancy the challenge of all the different shapes and sizes of...
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    Car lacks boost above 3,200RPM (3.0 TDI - CAPA)

    Hey there guys. So my car seems to be lacking any boost or push above 3,200RPM when doing a full throttle pull in third gear. It struggles to redline. I can hold it there in third with my foot to the floor down the dual carriage way and it just cannot do it. Lower down it comes on early and...
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    G448 Sensor: constantly 222*C, plugged in or not

    As the title says, my G448 sensor reading on my app says it is 222*c all the time, whether the new sensor is plugged in or not. I checked the wiring going into the ECU and it's like new, with no evidence of water damage or tampering. This tells me that somewhere along the wiring for the sensor...