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  1. PaulJC84

    Clutch issues

    Hello, changing gear was getting stiff over the weekend. I suspected the linkage but while moving the car at home the clutch pedal stuck to the floor. Fluid was then leaking out the passenger side of the gearbox. Hoped it would be just the cylinder but that has been replaced as the clutch...
  2. PaulJC84

    BEX 190 TIP (Turbo intake pipe) options

    I am looking at fitting the BEX turbo to my B5 1.8T. I have the Neuspeed Xtreme TIP (some pics here However the BEX compressor inlet (K03-73) looks to be a tiny but bigger than the K03-005 so the adaptor plate...
  3. PaulJC84

    Grand tour 1.8T quattro

    Anyone else see the A4 used as a back up for the Subaru on this weeks grand tour? Pretty funny. Didn’t meet a good end however.
  4. PaulJC84

    Turbocharger part number

    Looking for the 2000 1.8T quattro turbocharger part number. The local motor factors would like this before sending a turbo down. I have a grainy image from about 10 years when I had the turbo off next to the K04 and I think the blue plaque has 058145703J and the compressor has 53041015095B...
  5. PaulJC84

    Oil temperature higher and idle tick

    Taken the car on its first decent run in years yesterday. Edinburgh to Plockton and then up to Applecross and back to Plockton. If my memory correct I think the normal oil temp is around 90C. At points on the Applecross Pass the oil was up at 120C and would be mainly around 100C. Today I...
  6. PaulJC84

    Wheel arch liner fixings

    Does anyone know the part number for arch liner fixings or a link to any please? Noticed a few of the plastic lugs that the screws go into are either missing or broken when cleaning the arches.
  7. PaulJC84

    1.8T struggling to start - stalling

    My car over the past few days when cold has been starting but then stuttering to a stall. I am thinking perhaps a hose is loose? Its similar to if an intercooler hose is not connected but when that was the case before the car would stall under revs where as now its fine once its started. Or...
  8. PaulJC84

    Alignment Settings

    Hi guys, I am going to get the alignment done on the A4 as I have changed a few bits and bobs over the years and I have never ever had it done. Has anyone got the standard settings please? I have seen these but wanted confirmation: Front Axle Camber -1"35' to -0"45' Caster 3"28'...
  9. PaulJC84

    1.8T Quattro Seat Material

    Does anyone know if anywhere sells the seat material that comes in the 1.8T quattro? This site has a lot of audi material like the old quattro emblem material but I am searching for a direct match. JACQUARD SATIN - Fabrics - Spare parts - Audi tradition
  10. PaulJC84

    What front axle weight when choosing coilovers on 1.8T?

    I have seen there are a couple of options for coilover weights. I think some are front weight 1080. I take it these are for the 1.8t and there are others for the v6?
  11. PaulJC84

    Anyone had a centre diff out a 1.8T quattro box?

    Has anyone seen what the centre diff looks like in a standard 1.8T quattro? Is it either of these?
  12. PaulJC84

    A4 sill trims when fitting S4 sides

    Hello folks, I have a pair of S4 skirts that have been in my garage for years. Thinking I maybe should get the finger out and get them fitted. I know I need to remove the A4 sill trims but can I refit after I have the skirts on? I guess they will need trimmed down along the lower edge. Is it...
  13. PaulJC84

    So whats peoples thoughts on this S2000 mod on 1.8T A4s?

    For those who have not seen the thread - I am needing to bung in a new filter anyway so was thinking I would just try one of these. Only issue I have is that I would like to get a U bend to turn...
  14. PaulJC84

    Aftermarket avant and saloon rear shocks the same?

    I was looking on a few websites at KW coilovers and they same part is listed for both the saloon and the avant. Are both compatible? Also some listed the A4/S4/RS4 all as the same. I know the V6 will be a lot heavier than the 1.8T but wonder if you could adjust the damping on the V3s to...
  15. PaulJC84

    Turno exhaust flange

    Hello, Getting a new downpipe made up and am looking where I can get a stainless flange which would be bolted to a K0X turbo. Any ideas whereI could buy one from? 034 do them but they want $50 for postage. Would rather buy one of these than get the decat chopped up for the flange. Thanks.
  16. PaulJC84

    Bolero centre cap

    I broke a centre cap for my wheels today. Does anyone have any spare ones I could buy from them please? If not has anyone got the part number?
  17. PaulJC84

    Car taking a while to warm up?

    Noticed recently the car is taking a very long time to warm up. Oil is only reaching 80 degrees and that's after about 40 mins and the water is reaching 90 but taking about 15 mins. This may be normal and maybe I thinking it used to be quicker as the other car I was using was up to temp in 5...
  18. PaulJC84

    1.8T system pressure test

    Hi has anyone got any instructions on how to pressure test the turbo system on 1.8T? Think I may add this to my service routine just to check for leaks etc. I have access to an airline so would just need the appropriate equipment.
  19. PaulJC84

    Facelift Bonnet removal

    How easy is it to remove the bonnet on a facelift A4? The bonnet arm bolts like easy enough along with the supporting leg. Its the washer pipes I am curious about. I am needing to get the bonnet painted and am thinking it may just be easier to get it painted fixed to the car.
  20. PaulJC84

    Torsen part number for 1.8T quattro

    Does anyone know the part number for the torsen fitted in the 1.8T quattro's please? I have looked on the vagcat but can not see the whole item part number.