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  1. cartervw

    a4 coilovers

    hi guys just ordered myshelf a set of fk coilovers for my a4 1.9tdi 130 any issues with these before I fit them? or anything else I should replace whikle fitting them?
  2. cartervw

    rattling from front end!

    had a complete nightmare over x-mas my a4 started rattling from front end I could not diagnose the fault changed belt tensioner no change so thought it was the alternater bearing a new alternater later I still have the dreaded rattle on low revs. I now belive it to be the air-con pump just...
  3. cartervw

    best engine

    whats the best tdi engine ?
  4. cartervw

    de-cat tdi?

    I have a a4 1.9tdi b6 130, thinking of de-cat after I mot it on Monday any gains or not worth the hassle? I have been told the turbo will spool faster buy a friend but another friend says it will kill the turbo spooling too fast! confused, any help please???
  5. cartervw

    Tdi air Induction?

    fitted a pipercross panel filter to my a4 1.9tdi b6 car fells a lot smoother revs better I think, may be just me tho lol but I would recommened to any1 for £30 I think it was
  6. cartervw

    best engine code?

    whats the best engine to get in the diesel tdi?
  7. cartervw

    fmic on tdi?

    I am undecided weather too get a front mount intercooler on my a4 1.9tdi any gains or benefits from this? any1 else done it is it a big job?
  8. cartervw


    what does diesel rhino do? and where can I get it from?
  9. cartervw

    going for a boost!

    going for a boost!
  10. cartervw

    going for a boost!

    going for a boost!
  11. cartervw

    What do you do for a job?

    fork lift truck driver. (easy money) lol
  12. cartervw


    hi all, my a4 b6 1.9tdi avf engine has just clocked over 159k still runs sweet as the day I brought it and pulls like a train also returns 64mpg on the motorway im just wondering if anyone else is high milage and anything too look out for breaking etc ??? it recently had full service, filled...
  13. cartervw

    Hi there

    Hi there
  14. cartervw

    Hi there

    Hi thanks ill check it out cheers
  15. cartervw

    1.9Tdi Remap?

    More-bhp in Crewe is the place to get a map!
  16. cartervw

    what mpg are you getting in your cars?

    Roughly 30s in town 50-60mpg motorway/long runs
  17. cartervw

    Hi there

    Hi I'm new on here got an a4 b6 tdi 130. Finking of egr delete n remap any suggestions?