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  1. Audidave69

    Q3 Hill descent

    Just ordered a Q3, looking at videos on YouTube some have this button but some don’t. Anyone know what trim and spec you have to order to get it as I didn’t see it when ordering
  2. Audidave69

    For Sale A5 360 camera kit fully plug and play

    A5 B9 360 camera kit NEW This is plug and play 360 camera kit with factory style cameras front and rear cams, right & left mirror housing cams. It comes with calibration mats and instructions. Auto display in MMI screen with reverse and drive using can signal and bird view as factory £200 plus...
  3. Audidave69

    For Sale A5 coupe LED B&O speaker covers

    A5 B9 coupe B&O front door speaker covers with led strip light £100 plus postage
  4. Audidave69

    For Sale A4/5 sequential indicators

    A5:A4 B9 Sequential indicators £20 plus postage
  5. Audidave69

    For Sale A4/5 Suspension top dust covers

    A4/A5 B9 Dust covers for suspension tops, stops engine bay getting messy £10 plus postage
  6. Audidave69

    For Sale A4/A5 Auto dimming mirrors

    A4/A5 B9 Right and left auto dimming mirrors, if you have folding mirrors and interior dimming mirror the wiring should be there, also needs the door controller coding both sids. £150 plus postage
  7. Audidave69

    S-tronic gearbox noise

    Don’t know if I’m been a bit paranoid but for a few weeks I’ve noticed when shifting from drive to reverse I get a very faint dragging noise, if the radio was on you wouldn’t notice it, also when driving out from where I live I have to go slow for about 50 yards before it changes up to 2nd again...
  8. Audidave69

    Part number help

    can anyone help with part number for defuser trim marked 29
  9. Audidave69

    Top view camera help

    Can anyone with top view cameras tell me what the display looks like when mirrors are folded and top view is selected on MMI, does it show the greyed out section on both sides or just bottom of car graphic ? Hope that makes sense
  10. Audidave69

    Interesting mod
  11. Audidave69

    Activation of automatic opening of the car when approaching

    My car doesn`t have keyless entry, but just wondering if this may work on none keyless cars? Activation of automatic opening of the car when approaching The cart opens automatically when you are about 1-2m away. [46 - Central Convenience] [Coding - 07] automatic_opening set to active
  12. Audidave69

    Front camera recall

    Just had my first service and was informed that front camera needed reprogramming, as I’ve added a few bits :) I thought I’d lose my high beam assist, TSR, and lane assist, but as I drove home every thing is still working. Apparently it improves the cameras field of view. Just hope they don’t...
  13. Audidave69

    Auto Hold Kit Fitting Help

    Hi all Quite a few weeks back i offered to help Simonwhite2000 fit his auto hold kit to his lovely Audi S5 Coup, but as some of you know i have not been very well and today its all gone down hill again for me. I feel bad i`ve not been able to help him do this and its looking like i`m going to be...
  14. Audidave69

    OBDeleven Help

    Anyone with S5 coupe and OBDeleven, could do with some help with Adaptations in control unit 5F I’m trying to find the coding for massage seats, got it for s5 sportback but it’s diferent coding for coupe.
  15. Audidave69

    Rear view mirror’s heating

    Today I wanted to remove the water droplets from rear view mirror’s but when I turn the door switch to demist position nothing happens. I know it says in the manual “Depending on outside temperature” So wondered if having the wipers on may wake them up, but again nothing! As last resort I tried...
  16. Audidave69

    How does Audi service work

    just spoken to my dealer to ask how the service works, I’m not going to hit the mileage but is there a time limit to first service? He said yes when you get to nineteen thousand, no time limit until then but after that it’s every two years if your not hitting the mileage. Is this how it works?
  17. Audidave69

    Bang & and Olufsen Speaker help

    Can anyone with Bang & and Olufsen Speakers tell me how the LED speaker lights work? Just wondering if these will fit my car.
  18. Audidave69

    My A5 Small improvements

    Just as post title, very small improvements. Bumper trims, added some silver Matt vinyl
  19. Audidave69

    Traffic sign recognition Coded

    This one has aged me by a few years but got there in the end.
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    New to Audi but very impressed with my new A5, just got OBDeleven managed to add a few things, just wondered if anyone has had any experience with it? My first coading