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  1. Jeebsy

    ABS/ESP/parking brake issues :-(

    I'm having a bit of a nightmare with my 2007 A5 at the moment . In January I started getting a random ESP/ABS light - it went in for a checkup and the tech diagnosed it as a faulty ABS module. We took the ABS module out and sent it off the ECU Testing, but they bench tested it and said it was...
  2. Jeebsy

    Advanced key issues - open circuit/short circuit to B+

    That's really helpful, thanks. I reckon the battery is OK - doesn't seem to be any other issues related to low battery, and didn't get a low battery warning through OBDeleven which I think checks that out. Might disconnect the door pin connector and do a quick sense check but this is probably...
  3. Jeebsy

    Advanced key issues - open circuit/short circuit to B+

    Took the sensors back out and cleaned them with contact cleaner, had no error code for a bit after this but it seemed to stop working again after trying the passenger side - there's an exposed wire there - reckon it could be this? IMG_20181228_155720 by wjheenan, on Flickr
  4. Jeebsy

    Advanced key issues - open circuit/short circuit to B+

    I've got a 2007 A5 - when I got it the advanced key wasn't working. The boot would open when the car was locked but the doors wouldn't respond. I had error codes for both handles and 03287 - exterior door handle touch sensors, open circuit/short circuit to B+ I replaced the sensors but still...
  5. Jeebsy

    LED rear number plate bulbs

    I got some LED bulbs for the number plate, but they spin round in the holder so the heatsink faces down the the LED shines up into the holder so they appear really dull. Is there a technique to putting them in so the LED stays facing down?
  6. Jeebsy

    Le Mans 19" wheels centre caps

    I got some new rims which are in getting refurbed: IMAG3314 by wjheenan, on Flickr 19" A6 Le Mans wheels. Currently running these five spokes: IMAG3230 by wjheenan, on Flickr The guy refurbing the wheels said the centre caps on my current wheels might be too small for the new rims although...