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  1. lake_m

    TT RS Exhaust tips

    Anyone know the best place to go for replacement TT RS chrome exhaust tips. Mine are looking a bit shabby after the chrome has worn off around the very edges. Might consider going for black ones and then do the grill and badge. Cheers.
  2. lake_m

    RNS-E and USB

    Well I guess it's my own fault for not specc'ing RNS-E and AMI, but......... Is there any way to get my current USB implementation to work if I retrofitted RNS-E. According to the website these items can not be specc'd together which I assume means that they can't work together. Anybody here...
  3. lake_m

    Another S3 Black Edition hits the streets.

    Picked it up today. Not had chance to have a play yet, engine is tight as a drum. Needs cleaning already and only done 17 miles!!!! Also just found out that the Nokia N95 8gb phonebook will not upload via Bluetooth on this car - grrrrrr. Salesman said the Apple ipone works OK though. I will be...
  4. lake_m

    Where's all the photos???

    Must be still out playing with your new toys!. Come on then, let's get the photo's up!!:icon_thumright:
  5. lake_m

    USB console

    Ok another daft audio related question. Been trying to find out a bit more about the Audi USB console. I'm hoping that I'll be able to buy a large USB pen drive of about 32GB and load (just about) all my music onto it. question is... what is the max capacity it can take? I know the 2x SD cards...
  6. lake_m

    Single or double din socket ????

    Considering a RNS-E retro install later on. Apparently it makes a big difference to the complexity of the job depending on whether you have a single or double din connector in the back of the existing radio. The question is are all new S3's double din or does it vary depending on what radio...
  7. lake_m

    Quick hello

    Thought I'd just get my 1st post in to say hello to everyone. I've ordered an S3 Black Edition for 1st March delivery - it's gonna be a hell of a 3 months wait :whistle2: I'll fill in the time by reading some of the great posts on here and hopefully be a decent contributor. I'm no stanger...