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    AVI-8 honour aircraft and the untold story of the airmen

    Faster, Further, Higher - Aviation exemplifies man's desire to fly and soar above the earth… The best engineers, scientists, designers and pilots have combined over the years to produce cutting edge machines that were designed for the crucial purpose of a country's...
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    Amazon prices

    Has anyone else noticed that Amazon prices are not as... let’s say they might be? This has always been the case but it just seems a little more the case and makes me check a little more. For the last few weeks I have noticed that I can buy things cheaper direct from companies. Don’t get me...
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    M4S Wraith

    Ok this is going to be interesting to see if anyone even know what I'm going on about with this one. Who wouldn't want one of these!!!! :)
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    Cool as hell... Always wanted one of these and at one time they were affordable. The Lamborghini LM002, 450bhp V12 from the Countach, and a 290-litre fuel tank to ensure every fill-up is a financially crippling experience
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    Audis in the Park XII

    August the 8th 2021 is a date to remember. AITP has grown over the years to become the largest Audi only car show/event in the world. Over the years ASN has attended every year with some of the largest show attendances we have ever seen. Always a popular event that lets people finally meet and...
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    Which version of the theme do you prefer?

    You may or may not have noticed but there is the option to switch between light and dark versions of the theme. This is just a quick poll to see which you prefer... If you haven't tried the switch, it's at the top of the right hand side bar ->
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    Fiat 500L (1972)

    This was my first car I owned..., 499cc of pure power... I did upgrade it with a Rolls Royce jet engine many years latter. If I can find any pictures I'll post them as well :) loved these cars and they are very cool...
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    Cars you wished you had kept....

    I was just putting a car on the car wall and think to my self, if I had kept that car it would be worth 3 to 4 time what I got for it. I have added other cars that I just loved and wished I still had due to the experience of owning, driving or just living with. Walking out your front door and...
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    911 (993) Turbo

    The last of the air cooled 911s.. wonderful car to look at and everything a 911 turbo stands for but... all I'll say is hard work to live with. I once drove to Paris and nearly died both from the exhaustion of the drive and the way these cars like to change lanes without warning due to just...
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    New Cool Wall with voting

    We have up graded The Cool Wall... You can now add your favourite cars and everyone else can vote on just how cool they really are..
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    Porsche 356 Speedster

    I have always wanted one of these... Very cool and a little outside my budget for a real one :)
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    1969 Dodge Charger

    Yes it was really in this colour and I loved even more for it... 383CI engine which I think is a 7.2ltrs and on a cruise would manage 22mpg.. ok 18 but it was worth it.
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    Audi RS2

    Having been lucky enough to owned one of these back in the day there have been very few cars that have remained as cool as the RS2. Mine was Black but Simon at AMD Techink was kind enough to lend it to us his nogaro blue car for the odd show
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    test post

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    TAG HEUER wellness APP for connected watch

    The Swiss luxury watchmaker extends its TAG Heuer Connected digital universe with a new app for an active and healthy lifestyle. TAG Heuer, the Swiss luxury watch brand that has pioneered the luxury connected watch segment for more than five years, has introduced a new Wellness...
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    Audi e-tron S Sportback quattro

    The e-tron takes it up a 3rd notch with 3 electric motors. The sports orientated e-tron S Sportback with fully electric drive uses three electric motors, two of which operate on the rear axle. Their intelligent drive control raises vehicle safety, and dynamic handling in particular, to a new...
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    A new dimension in space and technology – the inside story on the new Audi Q4 e-tron

    Interior preview of Audi’s new fully electric compact SUV reveals innovative design and technology and an abundance of space Augmented reality head-up display as pioneering display technology New steering wheel generation with touch operation, MMI display with a diagonal of up to 11.6 inches...
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    Roving with a longer range: Technology upgrade boosts scope of new Plug-In Audi Q5 Sportback

    New Sportback version of popular Q5 plug-in hybrid launches with electric range-boosting battery upgrade that is also now benefiting other prominent TFSI e models Q5 Sportback TFSI e now available to order priced from £53,435 OTR Choice of two outputs – 299PS (50 TFSI e quattro) and 367PS (55...
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    Discount codes for Black Friday that might be of use

    Don't worry this isn't spam I just thought it might help..... Fashion & Beauty Scentbird During November 21st-29th link to mens and womens 1 month for free offer. Readers should pay for the 1st month and second comes for free. This campaign has seen fantastic results so far! Spring Be sure...
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    Audi Massive Parts Sale

    The Largest Sales of Audi parts Direct from Audi UK.... Audi UK are selling off all the parts that they have had stuck in stock. This is a onetime, only sale and once the items are gone there are no more. This is a first come first served basis so get your requests in fast. This really is not...