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  1. Rocksteve69

    Steering Wheel Noise/Oil Usage/Tyres

    Hi Nick_B, Originally it went away after I changed my tires, but returned just there after in a few weeks. I then found out I made it disappear for a good few months by adjusting the the steering wheel via column controls. But it did come back again. So I just adjusted it again and it went...
  2. Rocksteve69

    Steering Wheel Noise/Oil Usage/Tyres

    Hi all, I have my A4 1.4 Saloon Manual BE in with the dealers due to a few issues. Its 8 months old and has 11k on the clock (90% motorway miles). 1. Passenger side front door postilion bar bolt keeps coming lose - Dealers fixed with new bolts as the threads had gone. 2. Steering wheel noise...
  3. Rocksteve69

    First Oil Change Service - A4 1.4TSI

    My A4 is a 1.4 TFSI Saloon BE and as my car got close to the 9000 miles after owning the car for 6 months and it started advising about the requiring an oil change. The level of oil at the time was around a 1/4 Litre. I called Audi and was advised as my car was on a variable service plan and...
  4. Rocksteve69

    how's your car doing in this weather?

    My BE hasn't been to bad, but I did have one minor misshap when I turned at a junction too sharp and a car appeared in my path and I had to adjust. The car just slid slowly towards the curb. I now have a alloy small amount of rim damage on my 19" rotors :(
  5. Rocksteve69

    Which new A4

    I've been wanting to get this done to my 1.4 but to scared as I have mine on businesses lease and don't want to end up making the warranty invalid. I heard they can tell as its recorded with the ECU and when it's in for a service they down the log. I believe there is a post on the forum were...
  6. Rocksteve69

    North East A4/S4 Owners...

    Durham lad here with a A4 BE Saloon!
  7. Rocksteve69

    Audi stickers on the doors or not?

    I have them fitted to my ibis white BE and like them. They are not to big that they stand out in your face like on boy racer cars.
  8. Rocksteve69

    Audi Connect subscription renewal

    Hi, Yeah I only use it for Google Maps and the traffic overlay when driving (sometimes when bored waiting for the Mrs I read the news etc and have a bit of a play). The email address I used is sent in my REG and VIN.
  9. Rocksteve69

    Audi Connect subscription renewal

    Hi I had mine expire after three months. I just emailed Audi customer service UK advising my car details and they sent it onto Audi Germany. Got an email next day stating I'd been extended for another year.
  10. Rocksteve69

    Post Pics Of Your A4/S4 B9 In Here

    Believe its an ash tray :)
  11. Rocksteve69

    Winter/Ice - Windscreen Wipers

    Ahah! Thats what the feature is for! Lol. Feel a bit daft now. Cheers for that.
  12. Rocksteve69

    Winter/Ice - Windscreen Wipers

    Hi all, As it starting get colder and ice is now starting to appear has anyone had issues with scrapping ice of the windscreen when having to lift the wipers. The issue I found is I can't lift them without them hitting the bonnet to be able to get to the ice. Do I have to put the bonnet up...
  13. Rocksteve69

    Audi Connect - 3 Months Trail Expired

    I've had an email from Audi this morning saying they have extended my license for another 12 months :)
  14. Rocksteve69

    B9 windscreen wash reservoir

    I was scratching my head over were the locking wheel nut bit was. Checked the glove box, the manual pack etc. I then thought it may have been with the jack but didn't know were that was either. I lifted the whole boot floor out and found it under the small lap at the back of the boot floor cover...
  15. Rocksteve69

    Audi Connect - 3 Months Trail Expired

    Hi all, Been driving my A4 BE for 3 months now and was advised on a few days ago that the Audi Connect trail license had expired. I didnt realise how much I actually used it (google maps, traffic updates on the maps, speech to text). So after confirming that I needed to renew my license on...
  16. Rocksteve69

    1.4 MPG Dissapointing

    I'm currently getting over 40mpg on weekly run and thats been stuck in traffic each day doing over 300 miles a week. I've also had nearly 50mpg doing 70mph on motorways. This since I've done over 3000 miles seems to help the 1.4.
  17. Rocksteve69

    What is your best feature on the Audi A4

    Its the MMI connect app. Lets you connect to your MMI from your mobile. Lets you unlock and lock the doors, check fuel levels, mileage, the alarm, if the doors, windows, boot, lights etc is open or on. Were the car is located, warnings status, along with the been able to play your music streamed...
  18. Rocksteve69

    A4 B9 Accelerator Pedal

    Cheers all for the replies, been able to investigate and can confirm that it overrides the limiter when set so happy its by design. Mines a manual 1.4 so I should have stated that in first part of the post. But a happy bunny now :)
  19. Rocksteve69

    A4 B9 Accelerator Pedal

    Hi all, After driving my A4 for over 2 months now and 1200 miles I just noticed an issue or maybe its by design the travel in the accelerator pedal. I've always driven my A4 with respect in terms of hitting the pedal and only pushed the pedal as far as I got some firm resistance and believe it...
  20. Rocksteve69

    Post Pics Of Your A4/S4 B9 In Here

    Snap, that's why I didn't go for any extra options and I'd be giving her back in 2 years. Only one I did wish I had selected was the storage option for the cup holders in the back.