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  1. RJ-8V

    Issues after Virtual Cockpit retrofit

    Why are you then claiming that I'm constantly trying to trade here? We made an agreement and I am still holding on it. Sure. Could you also say to your site sponsor that lying is not professional?
  2. RJ-8V

    Issues after Virtual Cockpit retrofit

    Well after our conversation last time we made an agreement. You can check my messages, inbox or whatever you want to support your claim. I have not been constantly trying to trade under the radar". Proof it! If not dont talk nonsense will you? Check my post history, I give you permission to...
  3. RJ-8V

    Issues after Virtual Cockpit retrofit

    Not trolling just stating facts. There is a significant difference between those two words.
  4. RJ-8V

    bye bye google satellite overlay

    Short answer: All models with Qualcomm units (MHIQ2....if you see in your softwareversion something about MMX2Q you have the right unit) can update to the latest softwareversion and still have Satellite view. Also all MMI Basic (MIB2 low) can be updated and still have the satellite view...
  5. RJ-8V

    Audi A3 Front Sensor Retrofit

    And ofcourse solved :)
  6. RJ-8V

    Issues after Virtual Cockpit retrofit

    Mate, Use the speaker part coding from your old unit. If you dont have B&O then the sound output has to be "internal amplifier". After coding use VCP (dont use a clone) to parametrise your main unit with the A3FLaudiosettings zdc file or an Audi mib2 a3 audio zdc file. After parametrisation...
  7. RJ-8V

    Issues after Virtual Cockpit retrofit

    Wow your ID is genuine.....congratulations! And now? Feeling high and mighty? Should i post how you activate the Smartphone interface on the first unsupported C7.5 models? Or how you activate the satnav updates on 3GP units? The problem with you is, is that you go full 100% in defensive...
  8. RJ-8V

    Issues after Virtual Cockpit retrofit

    Ah please, if you don't have any usefull to say then please stay quiet..... Like all the programs and activations you use are 100% legal, so cut the **** :)
  9. RJ-8V

    Wireless CarPlay

    Remove your current connection on the mmi and iPhone an then connect from scratch.
  10. RJ-8V

    Need Help! retro fitting lane assist for 2018 A3 8v Facelift Cabriolet

    Sent me a PM. I can help you with it.
  11. RJ-8V

    SIM card not recognised on MMI Nav Plus

    The sim slot often goes defective in the a3....
  12. RJ-8V

    Bang & Olufsen Lights

    just go to the dealership and ask for and MMI update and/or BCM update.
  13. RJ-8V

    How to update my MMI

    No helped him with mmi update. Had sim problems.
  14. RJ-8V

    How to update my MMI

    And myaudi content only updates the Maps and not the mmi
  15. RJ-8V

    Audi A4 B9 Active Lane Assist retrofit

    You need to code your steering wheel for driver assist button.
  16. RJ-8V

    Driver's Side Airbag Crash Sensor HELP

    Check the wiring in the door hinge (where it connects with the car). Probably broken, common problem.
  17. RJ-8V

    Audi A6 3.0 S tronic problem

    Oh there are many software updates for almost all components.
  18. RJ-8V

    Audi A6 3.0 S tronic problem

    Latest engine software is 007. Both gearbox and engine has to be updated to the last version. Then check if the problem is gone or not.
  19. RJ-8V

    Audi A6 3.0 S tronic problem

    The latest version for that number is version 006. What's yours? Do you also have your Engine softwareversion? Because it is advisable that the engine software must also be updated when updating the gearbox.
  20. RJ-8V

    Audi A6 3.0 S tronic problem

    Open the Gearbox module and then Information