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    How To: Rear Panel Removal

    Hi, I’m looking to retrofit the extended leather pack to my 3dr a3. I’ve managed to do the front doors and changed the centre console out but would like some guidance on how to remove the rear panels to fit the armrests. Does anyone have some instructions on how to remove the panels? Thanks Nath
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    A3 3dr with Interior Light Pack.

    Hi, does anyone have any photos of where the lights are located in both rear and front footwells? thanks
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    Rear Number Plate Mounts.

    Can the rear plate mounts in the boot lid be replaced, mine seems to have gone slightly rusty
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    Anyone know if any Audi parts departments in the UK are open, I’d like to order some parts to work on my car?
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    Seat Removal.

    Hi All, I’m looking to remove the front seats on my 3dr A3 but I have a couple of questions; Are the bolts single use, meaning they need to be replaced when removed? When refitting the seats what torque do the bolts need to be set at? Thanks Nath
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    I’ve recently picked up some Eibach Sportline lowering springs for my A3 8V. Are there any parts you recommend changing when fitting the lowering springs? Just after some feedback if people have fitted the springs to find something requiring replacement a few months later..... They’ll be...
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    In the market for a S3 8L.

    So as the title suggests, I’m in the market for an S3 anything I should be looking out for when buying? Thanks in advance Nath
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    Wheel Upgrade

    Hi Guys, I’m looking to upgrade the stock wheels on my 3dr A3 to the classic Audi ‘peelers’. Can anyone tell me what size I need to be looking at? I’ve been looking at 19” 8.5j et48 but unsure whether these will fit or not? Thanks in advance!
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    Brake Upgrade.

    Hi Guys, My OEM brake discs and pads will need replacing soon on my 150 2.0tdi 3dr a3 pre-facelift and I'm looking to replace them with something aftermarket. Can you recommend some pads and discs that'll work with the OEM calipers? Also would braided lines fit the OEM calipers, if so could...
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    Using Axle Stands.

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to do some wheel off work on my A3 over the next few weeks. Clean & seal wheels, paint hubs and calipers. Does anyone know an appropriate place to position these? Thanks in advance. N
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    Parking Brake Switch Replacement

    Hi Guys, I need to replace the parking brake switch and my A3 PFL, I've managed to remove the centre console section but am unsure how to remove the actual switch unit. Does anyone have any drawings or advice on how to access and remove the button? Thanks Nath
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    Removing Passenger Door Card.

    Hi Guys, Noticed a rattle coming from my passenger door down by the speaker. Anyone have any instructions/drawings on how to remove the door card, want to have a look if there anything loose in there. Appreciate your help Nath
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    Adjusting Wipers?

    Have noticed that the wipers on my A3 overlap the plastic trim at the bottom of the windscreen, anyone know how to adjust them? Thanks in advance.
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    Creaking centre console.

    Anyone else have this problem? Picked a used 62 plate A3 8v up 3 weeks ago and have noticed that the centre console seems to be creaking near the cup holders. I've only noticed it when the heaters are warming up first thing in the morning. Could be the plastic expanding? Help would be much...
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    Needle sweep activation - Cardiff

    Hi Guys, First time poster, so bear with me. I'm looking to activate the needle sweep upon startup on my A3 8v. Anyone around the Cardiff area able to help me out? Thanks Nath