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    Alloy repair west yorkshire

    Any recommendations please in leeds/wakey area?
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    New car to replace my A3 arrived...

    It's got some welly.... Only driven about 50 miles but some initital observations in regards the A3. - The cabin feels a lot smaller than the A3 - The rear legroom is possibly worse than the A3 - The boot is HUUUUGE - The steering is so direct, heavier than the A3 as well...
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    Speed camera detectors

    Any of you guys recommend one of these? Road Angel, snooper etc? which is the best?
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    Delayed orders?

    Any of you guys had your delivery date put back due to Audi UK having a backlog of cars that need to be shipped over?
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    Yellow 8P S3

    S3 looks great in yellow...
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    Been offered as a loaner car...

    My RS4 has been delayed and because I've sold my A3 the dealer has offered me a........ 3.0TDi Q7!!!!! Here's me worrying that the RS4 might be a bit too big and now I've got a Q7 on the way. Anyone driven one of these things? Am I likely to squash people without knowing about it?
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    A3 gone but not forgotten

    No longer an 8P owner, kinda sad in a way :( Sold my car within 24hrs of putting it up yesterday!
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    Advice re: new Car purchase

    Hey guys, I've been offered a deal on a new RS4. I've been offered a discount better than I expected(cancelled order) but the downside is the trade in value they've given for me car is pretty poor, £16800. They're 'confident' that what they've offered is above book price and I tend to disagree...
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    Scuffs on interior plastic

    Anyone got any tips for removing those scuffs you get on the drivers door and the back of the front seats were shoes often mark the plastic? Is there some magic potion out there?
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    Audi A5 official pics are leaked PS, where's the A5 forum?
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    Quattro fluid change

    Just got a postcard through my door saying my quattro fluid is due for a change. Is this essential and how much does it cost? My car is only 14 months old, and not even 4k miles on it yet :o)
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    More 19's on A3's Apparently this girl with the 19" RS4 fitted them straight on without any modding. I thought this wasn't possible given the offset was wrong? I have zero clue about offsets but looks promising! More pics here...
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    New S3 - Cancelled

    Well, the pics from paris tipped me over the edge. Regardless of how the car drives its looks alone are enough to force me to cancel and I just have. Dissapointed really but Audi should have released this car a long time before now. It seems it would have cost me around 12k to upgrade to...
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    OMFG - Audi R8

    Have you seen the press pics from Pairs? I have to say this is one of the most beautiful cars I've seen for a long time. German price is 100,000 euros
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    Value my car please..

    Dealer has been in touch regarding ordering the S3. Whilst I'm still not sure I'm going to order one I'm still going to take my car down for the dealer to value(price now) with a look at part ex-ing it come the time of S3 collection. Anyone be so kind as to tell me what they'll think I'll get...
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    Nearly one whole year without single mark then: I was distracted by a big wide *** tractor comming in the opposite direction and the queue that followed it. I must have drifted and whacked the kerb... :-( Who do I call?
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    Auto Express S3 review better review than others, I quite like it in black. From the front at least... Nice seats too
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    New S3 vs My A3 pics - side by side

    I think I'm trying to convince myself that I shouldn't get the new S3 and save myself the money it would cost to *upgrade*.... I think these pics do a pretty good job, as does the bad press. :-/
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    New S3 Video Squeel-o-rama, would probably look good in your rear view mirror though
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    Forum resizing(squashing) images

    Is there a reason why the forum is resizing images within IMG tags? everything looks squashed.