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  1. Harrelson

    New 8V S3 - interesting...

    2 litre engine and 4 exhaust pipes! err, a bit overkill. seen the pics of the undisguised s3 on autocar. looks tame
  2. Harrelson

    Gone back to an A3, new purchase help needed :)

    Maybe its the camera but that red looks a bit lifeless. The bonnet looks a different shade of red compared to the bumpers too.
  3. Harrelson

    Different colour bumpers on my spanking new S3...

    Ive always noticed this on my phantom black A3 since it was new but it hasn't bothered me. Only visible when i wash the car and at extremely close range.
  4. Harrelson

    UK Facelift and Low tax models?

    Mine is a 1.6 TDI, £20 a year tax. Id rather pay more tax and have a more powerful engine. I was a student when i bought the car though so it has saved me money with good cruising economy (60.2mpg) -Bristol to London 80mph all the way with a few 50mph zones.
  5. Harrelson

    Just bought an S3! Should it have...

    my a3 didn't come fitted with rnse as standard but it had a separate manual for audio.
  6. Harrelson

    New 2012 A3

    10% off used Audis. Its Bristol Audi and their current stock isn't that appealing TBH.
  7. Harrelson

    New 2012 A3

    Looks like a mild refresh/facelift rather than a new car. New platform (10%) cheaper to manufacture because around 80% of all VAG cars will use it. If the interior follows the A1, i wont be getting one, and my dealer has been calling me about excellent discounts recently. Might go for a used...
  8. Harrelson

    Knob in a tatty 56 plate Astra

    thats says it all. he probably paid £250 for his car. its like a dog walking onto the carpet with muddy paws. it doest understand the concept therefore doesn't give a ****.
  9. Harrelson

    A3 1.2 TSI -v- S3: comparing the bottom and top of the range!

    Interesting read. Personally i don't mind small engines as long as they are torquey, makes a hell of a difference to day to day driving. Weak, laggy, lethargic engines will get you killed at junctions, roundabouts and when overtaking that tractor on a country lane. I would like to see such an...
  10. Harrelson

    RNSE Problems.

    mine gave me the same exact problem. tried cd cleaners etc nothing worked, shared story with bro (got similar car). he told me to open rnse and clean the laser with cotton wool. i rubbed the laser with an ear bud and it was black! previous owner of that rnse must have been a heavy smoker. since...
  11. Harrelson

    S Tronic S3, any driving tips when changing down into tight beds

    just glance at the rev counter and you will know if you are in the "appropriate" gear for the fun you want to have
  12. Harrelson

    1 small clunk/knock when pulling away? A common lowered A3/MK5 Golf issue?

    this happened when my a3 was brand new. only when pulling away and mostly after reversing. i.e reverse into a spot and when pulling away i would hear a clunk. stopped by itself, never happened since
  13. Harrelson

    How long....

    are you sure it was the 'convenience open feature'? ive had a similar experience. walked up to my car one morning and one window was up the other down. convenience doesn't do this. also the side where the window was up had rain inside meaning at some point at night it was open. sat in...
  14. Harrelson

    11 Plate A3 Struggling to start - 4 times today!

    my stop start has never had such delay. even in the coldest days it has always fired up instantaneously. one of the things audi improved a lot recently is cold weather performance. looks like something is faulty
  15. Harrelson

    Longlife oil change Vs "Segment 2" oil change...

    fully synthetic oil is the best for modern engines (they resist oxidation at higher temps so lubricate for longer) mine has just hit 19k miles after 2 years and DIS is telling me i have 5 days or 400miles to next service/oil change. quoted £130 at an audi specialist for fully synthetic plus £50...
  16. Harrelson

    Freak Accident

    they are insured and they will pay. no worries there will that be recorded as accident damage on the v5?
  17. Harrelson

    Traction of the lights

    In the wet? Yes even on very light throttle (running new sportcontact 2's) In the dry? No. But that's maybe because my 1.6 hasn't got too much power, just enough to launch without spinning wheels
  18. Harrelson

    Off to the "ring" tomorrow

    beware of crazy French driving if you pass through there
  19. Harrelson

    S3 8p3 heated front windscreen?

    Back when i was a student a few years ago i took a ride with my mentor in his (old pre2000 mondeo) and it had the heated windscreen. Problem is the wires are very tiny but once you see them, you will always "see them". Not for me
  20. Harrelson

    Fifth gear i still want a RS3

    ive seen a few 1yr old GTR's for 40k and less. very competent (super)car