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  1. Snook

    Audi RNS-E Sat Nav disc, where is best to get one?

    Hi all, Looking for an up to date ish Sat Nav DVD for our A4 cab RNS-E Sat Nav. Where is best to get an original disc from a reputable place? And what sort of price should I be expecting? Seem to struggle to find the right one... Car didn't come with one when I bought it. Thanks in advance :)
  2. Snook

    Retrofit High Beam Assist possible?

    Is this possible guys? Sorry if this has already been covered previously :)
  3. Snook

    Wrapping chrome windows and grill surrounds

    Thinking about wrapping my chrome window and grill surrounds, local vehicle wrapper company have quoted £80 to do this with glossy black finish. Worth doing? Can it look good if done properly? Any pictures? :)
  4. Snook

    Audi Connect Sat Nav traffic updates

    Hi all, I have got the Connect package and the Sat nav is good however I wanted to ask a question on the traffic. Last year on a trip from Taunton to Bolton my TomTom Live was very good at the traffic updates on the way up, it popped up to stay the M5 was closed and to diverted accordingly...
  5. Snook

    Climate control displays wrong in the heat

    My A3 Sportback about 4 weeks old Climate Control displays strange when its warm, corrects itself after 5 minutes or so, its fine when its cool. Just wondered if its a fault with my particular unit or a common thing caused by the heat on all models? Anyone else experienced it?
  6. Snook

    Hill Hold Assist assistance!

    Hi Guys, There may have been some previous history of this on the 8V Forum but thought I'd ask. Basically it is good and I like it however what I find is when it is active and holding the car, when I go to bring the car to biting point and look to move it away it hesitates first time. I have...
  7. Snook

    List of registration plates to choose for a new car from a dealer

    Due to pickup my new A3 at some point this month and have got a list of registrations from the dealer. On my last car the dealer gave me pages to choose from and there was a fairly good selection. This time they have given me about 20 registrations to choose from? I have asked if there are any...
  8. Snook

    Feedback from owners of 2.0TDI 150bhp

    Hi all, Whilst I am sure there is lots of info in this category regarding this, I just wondered what everyones experience in terms of fuel economy is like with this engine. Tried what at the dealers that had done just under 1000 and MPG wasn't that great however know that my 1.6 dramatically...
  9. Snook

    Just ordered A3 S Line Sportback :) 1.6 TDI

    Hi all, Just wanted to share my purchase I agreed today with the following spec :) A3 Sportback S Line 1.6TDI in Scuba Blue metallic Comfort pack with park assist B&O Sound System Interior Light Pack LED Headlights Tyre pressure monitoring system Alcantara Trim Tech pack with Audi Connect...
  10. Snook

    Shall I trade in my A3 SB Sport for a A3 S Line with high spec?

    In two minds of what to do! Currently have the following spec... A3 1.6TDI SB Sport Scuba Blue Comfort Pack Looking at trading it in for the following.... A3 1.6TDI SB S Line Scuba Blue Hill hold assist LED headlights B&O Sound system Tech pack with Audi Connect Tyre pressure monitoring...
  11. Snook

    Rear LED lights on Sportback

    Hi all, Bit of a noob when it comes to this stuff! What is required to get LED rear lights fitted? Is it a case of 'popping' them in? Cheers.