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  1. Herby1

    3 red lights....ahhhhhhhhhhh

    hi peeps just got the three red lights, need the best advice possible to fix it, please can someone steer me in the right direction, it will be so much appreciated. thank you everyone.
  2. Herby1


    hello people another thing is going wrong with the god damn car again, only a small thing but its annoying! basically my alarm went off yesterday, the thing is i saw it going off but i couldnt hear it, if that makes sense?!!! i could see all the indicator lights flashing but there was no siren...
  3. Herby1

    need help bad please.

    just purchased some new headlights for my car, which are these Audi s3 Xenons lights from a 1999. Now these headli9ghtws will be replacing the following headlights Audi A3 year 1999 the thing is i havent got a clue on what goes where, i know how to take the headlights out etc etc, but...
  4. Herby1


    Morning peeps, Todays the day i take the s3 wheels to lepsons! now i have decided to get them refurbed in metalic gloss black, so please can i have some opinions on this, as i need to build myself up for it. lol the tyres that are going on the wheels are, continental contact 2 sports profile...
  5. Herby1

    best silver polish?

    does anyone know the best or one of the best polishes for a silver A3? i want a deep gloss shine, i am using nxt tech was by mquires at the moment but not really stunned at the looks. has anyone got any answers? cheers people regards chris
  6. Herby1

    pics please :)

    hello peeps, has anyone got any pics of black s3 wheels on an a3/s3 please just wantto get an idea. thank you very much regards chris
  7. Herby1

    VAGCOM Codes help please!!!

    Had my 225 coupe plugged in the other day by my Dad's mechanic friend and it came out with the following codes. Unfortunately I don't know where to go from here :think: and don't want to pay Audi the ridiculous labour charges just so they can tell me cr&p! I would really appreciate any...
  8. Herby1

    will they fit?

    will genuine audi s3 wheels fit on my 1999 audi a3. any help much appreciated
  9. Herby1

    ABS Light??????

    hello people, driving back home today my abs light came on, earlier this morning i took off my spacers and because i didnt have the smaller bolts to put back on i carried on using the long bolts without the spacers, when i eventually put the original smaller bolts back on, i drove around for...
  10. Herby1

    need help urgently

    please read the following thread. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Herby1

    need help urgently, what do i do?

    hello everyone, need help urgently please, so any help would be great. i have just lowered my Audi A3 1.8 year 1999 and it is level all round about an inch from the tyre, the bad thing is i had spacers on the rear before i lowered the car and now they poke out a few mm and i have just...
  12. Herby1

    New Suspension kit please help

    hello people, i have just ordered a new suspension kit for my audi a3 20v 1999 could some one please tell me how to change the front shocks, what tools i would need, i know all about spring compression but need urgent help on the shock change. thank you so much in advance. regards chris
  13. Herby1

    pics of S3 wheels in black???

    as the title says....has anyone got any pics of black s3 wheels on an s3. thanks. chris.
  14. Herby1

    Wheel Swap plus money anyone??

    Got a set of 18" audi A8 wheels in diamond cut with all pretty much new tyres, they have only coverd around 1000 miles if that. there is one wheel which has a very slight kerb cant even notice it. all the wheels are brand new aprt from that. i am after a swap for a set of s3 wheels plus some...
  15. Herby1

    Suspension - is this worth it?

    Just been offered a set of PI Shocks and springs front and rear which lowers car 40mm all round for 130 pound he says they are nearly new and they came off a 1999 S3 and he said they will fit my 1999 A3. two questions: 1. is it worth me buying them for 130? good price or not? 2.will they...
  16. Herby1

    HID Kit?????

    Hello everyone, I am debating whether to get a HID kit? the thing is i need to know a few things about them first like? what does 6000, 8000, 10000 mean? what bulb size shal i get? also which ones are legal tyo have installed in my car? are they easy to fit? and is this set ok to buy? what do...
  17. Herby1

    Meguires Quik Clay

    What do people reckon of this product? any good? its supposed to be awesome bit of kit but i would like to see peoples verdict on it? Anyone used this stuff?
  18. Herby1

    lowering my a3

    hi peeps, just a few questions, about to lower my car but need some help first. 1. i had a focus and corsa before my a3 when i lowered the cars the front seemed higher than the back or the back seemed higher than the front and that was lowering them 40mm, now i dont see why this is? all i...
  19. Herby1

    scratch remover

    hi peeps, can anyone recomend the best scratch remover? what is the best stuff to buy? dont care what price? please help
  20. Herby1

    how to take my Headlights out?

    can anyone help on the above? on an A3 1999. Thank for any help peeps, need to get these out, but want to know how first. cheers chris