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  1. CookD

    S3 2nd year service

    Just rang Audi Bolton for my 2nd year inspection/oil change and they quoted me £382 inc VAT. After reading this post I gave Awesome GTI a call (they're based right next to me so that was lucky!) and they've quoted me £185 inc VAT. Booked in for Weds - cheers mate :P
  2. CookD

    S Tronic and VC questions

    Cheers mate will have a look ;)
  3. CookD

    S Tronic and VC questions

    Where on the VC dash does it show these arrows? Haven't noticed them when in manual mode.
  4. CookD

    Facelift Audi Sound System Sub settings?

    I have a FL S3 with a pano roof and I have the sub control dial in my MMI :(
  5. CookD

    Dim footwell lights?

    On my FL, both footwell lights are the same brightness so sounds faulty to me.
  6. CookD

    Audi Drive Select

    Thanks for this mate - must just be in my head :)
  7. CookD

    UK group buy for MethodEffects 8V FL front splitter

    Damn I may be interested in one of these!
  8. CookD

    S3 Resonator Delete

    I paid £70 to have a straight pipe fabricated and fitted (with sleeves, not weld). 4 months on and still loving it. Does drone when slow accelerating on mway between 2.5-3.5k revs - doesn't bother me too much.
  9. CookD

    Audi Drive Select

    Does setting the suspension to comfort in individual mirror the same as having the car in comfort? I would expect it does but for some reason I still think individual is firmer?
  10. CookD

    Facelift Cheapest Res-delete kits

    Just an update. What can I say.. best £70 I've ever spent tbh. It sounds absolutely brilliant. The DSG farts are much lower and it crackles and pops much more. Anyone considering this, get it done! Haven't experienced any drone but I had much louder exhausts on my previous cars so probably...
  11. CookD

    Facelift Cheapest Res-delete kits

    Ofcourse - I'm living near Chester at the moment and booked in at the Birkenhead Powerflow dealer tomorrow. More than happy to come and meet you, send me a private message :)
  12. CookD

    Facelift Cheapest Res-delete kits

    How do you find your local dealer? Edit: Ignore me, I've just seen the "Dealers" bit on their website. Booked in tomorrow at 9am. They wouldn't give me a price but hoping it's £70-120 :) Can't wait!
  13. CookD

    Facelift Cheapest Res-delete kits

    I think you're right. £300 all in vs a £70 chop and weld at a local garage.. think I'll have to go with the latter. I'm sure the drone won't bother me
  14. CookD

    Facelift Cheapest Res-delete kits

    Ive messaged @BCS Nige, I think he sells it.
  15. CookD

    Facelift Cheapest Res-delete kits

    I'm interested in doing this to mine. Can anyone recommend a place in the North West (Manchester pref)? I've heard of the powervalve anti-drone pipe but is it really worth the extra spondules? Had a full turbo back on my old Astra VXR so don't think my ears will be sensitive to drone?
  16. CookD


    Hope you get it sorted mate. On a funnier note, I thought I had a rattle which seemed to be coming behind my VC. Was driving me round the bend! After putting my ear against everything and heavy pushing on plastic, I found it was my sunglasses case rattling in my door card! :whistle2: Like...
  17. CookD

    Facelift What Discount (%) did you get?

    I got 9% discount on a Black Edition Saloon (including finance contribution at the time) from Bolton Audi. I think 8-12% is your target :)
  18. CookD

    For those with folding mirrors?

    Fold when I lock. This wasn't set up in the MMI when I first got the car which I thought was strange as I would have thought everyone does this :)
  19. CookD

    Sad news...

    Let the f**kers have it, not worth it.
  20. CookD

    Sad news...

    Just read this and was about to post it. Close to home, awful news.