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    Bye bye S3

    Today's my last day with my S3 as tomorrow I collect my new Floret Silver TTS s-tronic. I have covered 37,000 miles over just under two years - am I sad to see it go? Well, quick summary first: Good - 100% reliable, low running costs, straight line performance, grip, interior, build quality...
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    Goodbye S3

    After much thought and a few test drives, I've decided to order a new TTS to replace my S3 that's now 18 months old and covered 31,000 miles. I've tried to love it, but just can't get past its failings: poor driving position, so-so handling and lack of steering feel, the bland looks and just a...
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    Tyre pressure for S3 hatch

    Yeah, I know it's on the inside of the front door, but what are you all actually running with? Just had four new Continentals fitted and the fecking idiots at National Tyres over inflated my front tyres to such an extent that my pressure gauge just went to the max and nearly exploded! The tyres...
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    S3 fuel economy

    122 mile round trip and I wasn't driving like a nun either. Very impressive for a car with the performance it has.
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    Sports Exhaust

    Anyone been able to order their new RS3 with the sport exhaust and without mag ride? On the configurator you can only spec the car with the sports exhaust if you tick the Dynamic Pack option. I do not want the God awful mag ride on my RS3 and note in Germany, you can option just the sports...
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    Glacier White 8v RS3?

    Anyone been able to find any pictures of the new RS3 in Glacier White? Thanks!
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    S3 stealth

    Any other S3 owners noticed how most people don't seem to realise what it is you're driving? Just I've lost count the number of times I have clearly surprised another driver with the performance of my car. Case in point a Fiesta ST this morning that thought he try and pass me on a short stretch...
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    What happens when an S3 meets a Fox

    I hit a fox yesterday on the motorway doing the obligatory 3mph plus 10% of the speed limit (LOL) - in other words, I was going quite quickly. When I got to work and went to look at what I thought would be some fur and a few teeth wedged into the paintwork, I was rather annoyed to find my front...
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    **** Bluetooth in S3

    The quality of reception from the car's Bluetooth is terrible. No matter what phone I use or how strong the signal is, people can hardly hear what I'm saying, yet I can hear them very clearly. I'm being told the sound sounds somehow muffled when they call me in the car. Can anyone tell me where...
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    S3 - four months/7k ups and downs

    Had my S3 for four months and covered 7,000 miles... Good - Averaged 33.6 mpg over the 7k and regularly get 35 to 40mpg on long lazy runs. Really good. - Performance is excellent and there's not much on the road that can keep up with the car in real world terms - Steering is best I have...
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    How Much?!

    Clipped a pigeon with my driver's side wing mirror driving home from work last night. The housing of the mirror survived, but the mirror didn't. £56 to replace the little bit of glass! They're having a giraffe... so, be careful with those mirrors. Very worrying how easily the glass left the...
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    S3 pictures - finally!

    Finally got round to taking some pictures of my car... I even cleaned it first :faint:
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    Which is better looking - S3 sportback or 3 door S3?

    You know I'm conflicted on this one - they are both good looking cars, but I saw an S3 sportback in Glacier yesterday at the dealer and thought it looked better than my 3 door misano. Yet, the service guy at audi thought my car was, his words, 'awesome' and described the sportback as a bit too...
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    Milltek for S3?

    Been searching around for prices for and can't find a thing. I'm looking at just cat back, resonated (maybe - really need to hear how loud it is). Every tuners website I go to has a blank page when you go to their page for the S3 8V, it's only been around for a year now ...
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    Windows rattling

    First problem with my S3 and I've had it just a month ... the front windows are rattling in their frames every time I go over a bump. Not a small rattle either. This only happens when it's raining and you know what? This is EXACTLY the SAME problem I had with my last S3!!! It took the dealer...
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    How do you remove the audi rings from the front grille?

    Probably a piece of pish to do, but just in case, thought I'd get some advice first! I've got a gloss black audi ring badge to replace the shiny chrome one - looks to me that I can just prise off the OEM badge? I asked the Dealer this question and was told the entire front grille needs to be...
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    S3 throttle pedal?

    Anyone else think the throttle pedal in their S3 is a little too sensitive? I only have to rest the weight of my foot on it to sink the pedal almost to the floor. I'm having to adapt my driving style to compensate for it - otherwise I am getting a lot of fatigue in my right calf as I constantly...
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    Miltek for S3

    I feel the need for a bit more of a soundtrack from my S3! It's just a little too quiet for me... Now Miltek have released their range of exhausts for the new S3, anyone thinking of having one? I'm almost certainly going to take the plunge, will probably have the resonated version, cat back...
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    S3 fuel consumption

    I just took a drive out to the coast and back with the family - mainly A roads at a steady 60mph and a bit of stop start in traffic, plus a couple of over takes - covered 68 miles. Average fuel consumption for the journey = 40.6 mpg!!!! For a car with 300 bhp, that is massively impressive...
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    No smoking option

    I ticked the option for non smoking pack, but on seeing the video the dealer made of my new S3 I am collecting on Friday, it looked like it had a cigarette lighter! Not happy!!! I have asked the question, but the rep I am dealing with is on holiday until Thursday - can anyone with the no smoking...