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    S7 Res Res

    Thank you for the reply. Think I'll go with this option 1 front resanators and x pipe and see how it goes. Will the car require a remap if i was to remove resanators and x pipe. Or can you jump in and drive once done Thank you
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    Audi s7 Exhaust cutouts

    JJhilbrown did you get round to getting work done on your exhaust . I've purchased same vehicle and looking to do the same . Thank you
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    S7 Res Res

    Thanx for the fast reply. How to i get this reposted to the right section. I have tried searching for it cannot find it.
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    S7 Res Res

    Hello I currently own a S7 2013. 47k Car is stock and quiet. I would like abit more noise from the exhaust without breaking the bank. The local s4.5 cars seem to sound louder than my s7. Someone has mentioned res delete. I have never modified a car before so excuse my lack of knowledge. Is...