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  1. Salba87

    Tyre pressure system

    I'm currently going insane from the tyre pressure monitoring system. It's been back to Audi 4/5 times. Any help gratefully received
  2. Salba87

    Car order

    Hi everybody, unsure if it’s just me but I’m tempted to cancel my A4 order as the dealership are being a bit anal with a few things I do not want GAP etc for the car (I have found it cheaper elsewhere) still trying to sell it to me though!? I also asked when I purchased the A4 if I could have...
  3. Salba87

    Hi there

    Hello everyone, Been lurking for a while. Started my Audi obsession back in 2016, A3 Saloon to start! Now on an A1 (which to be honest I'll be glad to see the back of) Hopefully a nice new A4 will appear next March! :)