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  1. Blurtar

    A\C & Cooling fan

    Am I correct in thinking the a/c does not engage if the fan module is faulty? I have replaced the compressor, condenser, Pressure sensor and regassed the system. There are no leaks and the Econ light now stays off. I can get the fan to work via VCDS with output test in the engine module but...
  2. Blurtar

    G65 A\C Pressure Sensor

    Having a bit of a mare with a replacement pressure sensor. None of the new ones I’ve ordered match the genuine Audi one I have removed. Can anyone advise if the valve part of the switch has been modified on later switches coming back to the original part number? Thanks
  3. Blurtar

    Central locking

    I have a fault on the central locking that I’d like to sort. I now have a working siren after replacing it due to the battery leak issue so that’s sorted, however, the one remaining niggle is that the central locking doesn’t unlock when the key is removed from the ignition. Everything else works...
  4. Blurtar

    Power fold mirror wiring

    Stumbled across a bit of an issue with my power folding mirror retrofit. I have fitted the passenger one and that is coded and working fine. The issue is on the drivers side, I gambled and purchased a three door power fold mirror for a bargain price, the pinouts in the plug are different to...
  5. Blurtar

    Avant S-Line Rear Springs

    Are the springs sided? I’ve got a couple of Gen springs to fit as I’m removing the adjustable ones. I noticed that the springs are colour coded and wondered why?
  6. Blurtar

    Steering Wheel Airbags S-Line

    I have a little issue regarding the steering wheel airbag. I have an early B7 (2005 plate) S-Line, it has a three spoke standard steering wheel on with no s-line badge or radio controls. I have retrofitted cruise and DIS which has all gone fine. I managed to source an S-Line badged Wheel with...
  7. Blurtar

    Disable Front Fogs CHL

    Is there a way to disable the fogs coming on as part of CHL? Pesters me that colour match is all wrong! Don’t want the hassle and expense of changing the bulbs as they’ll never be on. Cheers.
  8. Blurtar

    Dipping Mirror Gremlin

    Since having the passenger mirror enabled for dipping in reverse I’ve noticed that when the mirror returns from dip it is setting higher than originally set. Any reason this is happening?
  9. Blurtar

    Door modules

    I am wanting to retrofit power fold mirrors to my 2015 s-line, before I buy all the parts could the door modules also need changing or are they the right ones for plug and play. Do I need to strip the door cards off to find out what modules are fitted. Thanks.
  10. Blurtar

    Reverse Bulb

    Can anyone confirm 100% what bulb I require for my reverse lights. I'm thinking it is H21W. Thanks.
  11. Blurtar

    Dash Airbag Trim

    I've got a really annoying squeaky rattle coming from the airbag panel next to the exterior light switch on the dash. Will Audi cure this as part of my warranty? Thanks
  12. Blurtar

    Windscreen Bracket

    Does anyone know what this bracket will have held before I remove it. Thanks
  13. Blurtar

    Recall Power Control

    Hi, First post on the forum, first Audi car I've owned and loving it. It's a 2015 TDi s line Quattro dsg in Daytona Grey. One immediate question I have is that after checking with Leeds Audi the car has an outstanding recall for power control update. Am I right in thinking this is the...