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  1. beaker


    I'll try that. I think I've done about 8k on them so far and they are down to 5mm.
  2. beaker


    £106 is good, about the same price as Blackcircles I think. I have F1's on mine too. Don't want to risk a trip to Aberdeen for the sake of £30 though.
  3. beaker


    £140. I could get it cheaper for sure but I need the car on Friday and have the fear of a blowout.
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    Hi, car in for service today and they found a bulge in the offside front tyre :( I'm getting them to replace it as thats not a good thing but it will mean I have 8mm one side and 5mm on the other. Will that be a problem? I thought of getting them to swap the rears but they are on 4mm.
  5. beaker

    S-Line interior

    Mine has perforated gearknob and steering wheel with badge but no embossing on the seats. I think this was initially a sportback s-line thing as the demonstrator I drove was an S-line sportback and has the logo on the seats. Not sure if this is now standard.
  6. beaker

    s-line owners hows the leather holding up?

    Mines an 04 plate and done about 30k. Leather is fine.
  7. beaker

    Time to change the front tyres
  8. beaker

    A3 TSB 0501 - DSG delay when accelerating

    Yup, happens to mine. There was a massive thread on this a while back. Seems loads of people have experienced this. When it ****** me off too much I stick it in manual. Seems to help a bit.
  9. beaker

    Brake Fluid

    I'll phone Audi Dundee for a quote. They seem to have the cheapest service quotes out of any I've seen on here so might be OK. If not, I'll check out a local garage.
  10. beaker

    Brake Fluid

    Balls, any idea how much they will fleece me for?
  11. beaker

    Brake Fluid

    My A3's on the variable service but I noticed that the sticker the dealer has marked up states that I'm due a brake fluid change about now, though my next service probably won't be for another 15k. Is this normal? Should I be taking it in before the next service to get this looking at?
  12. beaker

    engine management light?

    Only had this happen in my MkIV GTI. Took it to dealers and they said it was probably due to dirty fuel and suggested I start putting an additive in. That was at 45,000 miles or so though.
  13. beaker

    Revo and TDI 2.0

    Mike, thinking of getting mine done soon. Any idea where the best dealer in my neck of the woods is? I think the choices are Aberdeen or Inverness. I think Inverness sounds good as it will be a better drive on the way back.
  14. beaker

    Anyone worried about depreciation on their A3?

    [ QUOTE ] There's a reason for that A8 being so cheap. They forgot to mention; "Featured in the film Ronin" [/ QUOTE ] I thought it was an S6 they used in that film.
  15. beaker

    DSG S line 05 plate- a good price?

    £16300? Guess mine is now worth less than I thought then. Always the way
  16. beaker

    Kerbed RS6

    Whats the deal with these repairs. Are they actually any good? How much damage can be repaired? Yes, I've got a couple of kerbed ones but I was only guilty on one occassion.
  17. beaker

    New RS3

    If they release an RS3 with 350bhp then I'm sure it will sell. It might take sales away from their other ranges though. Not sure how much an S4 is but an RS3 might be an alternative to something like that.
  18. beaker

    S3 News

    rubbish. not aggressive enough. It really doens't suit a 5 door either.
  19. beaker

    Yet another Tyre question

    I've got F1's on the front and Pilot Sports on the rear. All seems good and well.
  20. beaker

    2.0 tdi MPG

    Heavy foot? Mine normally gets 48+ on motorway sometimes low 50's. In town its still pushing 40MPG.