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  1. alanyork

    SQ5 sq5 wheel nuts

    Full set including locking nuts , Free to pick up York or Leeds,
  2. alanyork

    RSQ3 RSQ3

    New to me pick up tomorrow morning, 66 plate Ascari blue , 1 owner 9000 miles, from Hyde Audi, Im really sure Ill enjoy the ride home to Yorkshire, >> More tomorrow
  3. alanyork

    SQ5 Oil service SQ5

    Cars 2nd oil service , What should I pay ??
  4. alanyork

    A8 3L tdi

    2015 A8, anyone had a ecu remap done yet, ?? Ill get mine done in the new year, Only had it two weeks, Had a A8 2011 4.2 D4, before this , This newer A8 feels as fast as my older 4,2 A8 , Strange I think, But ha ho, Remap soon,
  5. alanyork

    D4 4.2 TDI Exhaust

    Anyone improved there diesal exhaust , im going to try to unleash the V8 in mine, any input welcome, (except get a petrol) lol.
  6. alanyork

    D4 4.2 tdi

    what a great car had it for 2 weeks now, past cars S6 V10, A6 3L tdi x4 lol, A5 3L tdi, bmw 535, I can say 100% this is the best road car Ive ever had , pure beast I love it, 20" wheels tv (lol) reverse camara (not needed) double glazing comfort pack , the spec on it is just mad,
  7. alanyork

    chrome trim on S6

    the trim around my windows are fading allready, my last A6 07 plate was the same, any one any idea how to keep them shiney . cheers alan.
  8. alanyork

    S6 or S5

    Dont know which one to buy , both 07 plates , Your input please :thumbsup:
  9. alanyork

    swopping my a6 to a8

    57 plate 2.7 to a 56 plate a8 4.2 sport , would you ?????????????
  10. alanyork

    V10 S6

    anyone got one ??? Im thinking of getting one soon , anything to look out for, thanks Alan.
  11. alanyork

    A6 2.7 ecu remap

    07 plate anyone near York do this.
  12. alanyork

    Hi all advise please,

    Im looking to buy a S4 05 or 06 plate, whats the best gearbox to go for on these cars , anything i should look out for, cheers Alan.