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    Audi q5 Component protection activation number

    Hi all, more of an ODIS post this one. I currently have a 2018 Audi SQ5 at work, we are a VW Group approved business and have replaced the ACC Radar and using Odis have recoded the new radar in via Replace control unit guided function however when coming to removing component protection it is...
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    S3 Turbo Actuator problems

    Hi all, My friends 2016 (65) S3 with 39k miles on the clock has gone into Limp mode after the EPC light came on, upon scanning the car with VCDS it is showing the following Fault code (15226 - Actuator Module for Turbocharger 1 P00AF 00 [101] - Stuck) There's no faults showing...
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    Unusual colour and Audi approved used Experiences?

    Hi all, Seen this RS3 advertised at Stirling Audi and was curious as to peoples opinions of the colour! Also, has anyone here purchased their RS3's via Audi approved used and got any feedback or things to look out for when buying? Cheers
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    2016 Car Assistance package? Car = Import?

    Hi everyone, Am i correct in saying the Driver assist options only came as a package in the UK? So you cannot spec the Side/lane assist without also getting the ACC/ front bumper mounted radar with it? i ask this as i have spoken to a dealer about a car linked below as Autotrader shows the...
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    Car security concerns?

    Hi everyone, New member here looking at purchasing a PFL RS3 in the coming months, My only concern is these story's of people breaking in and threatening for keys! Obviously the right security helps but i'd be keeping the car on the drive if i decide to go for it. Looking at a floor mounted post...