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    Bucks meet - Tuesday 20th July

    yes happy birthday mate! Given the weather and still having to park on the road you didn't miss out on one of the better ones. I think some were put off by the rain and last times parking arrangements.......However, things are looking good for using the green next time and hopefully I'll get...
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    Bucks meet - Tuesday 20th July

    Well it is on - has been confirmed. members from uk-mkivs and club gti will also be coming
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    Bucks meet - Tuesday 20th July

    I know this is in the wrong section and short notice again - sorry. The Wycombe (or Bucks/Berks) meet is due again, Tuesday 20th July at the Fleur de Lis, near Jct 5 of the M40. I WILL CONFIRM THIS ASAP The Fleur De Lis The Common Oxford Road Stokenchurch High Wycombe...
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    Wycombe Meet - Tuesday 15th June

    Firstly, I know this is in the wrong forum but for some reason I can't post a new thread in the meets section, sorry mods. Secondly, I know this is short notice, again sorry. Now to the point - Now the long summer nights are back with us, the Wycombe meet is back! 7 pm, Same venue as last...
  5. B wycombe meet - december

    yup - count me in
  6. B wycombe meet - december

    mmmmmm count me in - octane on ice! i feel a musical coming on
  7. B wycombe meet - december

    only if you come in the TT, Alex! anytime is good really except from the 28th for a week.
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    Audi-Sport Karting Results!!!!

    me too - Ice karting anyone?
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    Meeting Points for Audi-Sport RR on 22nd November

    [ QUOTE ] simont said: [ QUOTE ] Berkshire Flipper said: Anyone heading up the M40? [/ QUOTE ] yeah Dunc and myself will be travelling that way - where are you based? we should be around the Bracknell area for 7.45 ish [/ QUOTE ] M/head area so anywhere on the 404M is good for me...
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    Confirmed Details for Christmas Meet - Book Now!

    Not sure how available I am yet so will have to let you know as and when I know. As for Nottingham - did anyone else see that thing on TV about 2-3 weeks ago about the crime problem in Nottingham? Apparently the car of choice for Nottingham getaway drivers, as reported by the local...
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    5th High Wycombe Meet, Tuesday 16th September from

    didn't you like them then?
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    5th High Wycombe Meet, Tuesday 16th September from

    good lad - keep 'em coming. Anyone else? Is Jester going to threaten us with his presence again? Will S3? I know there are more of you lurking.
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    5th High Wycombe Meet, Tuesday 16th September from

    I'll be there - as always. And I still wanna see more Audis. Poor Rich was there last time with a boot full of Forge DVs and very few users to flog them to! We should be able to muster more than 4 audis out of 50 cars.
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    4th High Wycombe Meet - Tues 19th August

    not good enough jo. you best be there
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    4th High Wycombe Meet - Tues 19th August

    I'll be there too. Still need more Audis though. Anyone else coming?