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    I have an iPad which I love but whatever you do, don't sell a laptop to get a tablet. There are still some things done much better on a laptop.
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    iPad 2 - Worth upgrading?

    No point in upgrading, difference is minimal, and who is hampered by the processing speed of the 1st gen? Apple allegedly rushed the iPad 2 out in order to compete with other tablets now going on sale, therefore no real added value if you own an iPad already. Big changes are coming with the...
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    Recoend me an ipod docking stand

    I have a Sony one which when bought was around £250 but have since seen it for around £180. Reason I bought it was because it has a big rechargeable battery in it so is proper portable. Battery lasts around 7 hours so great to pick up and take outside for bbqs etc. Sound is good quality...
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    Hands free or headsets that work with iphone 3gs??

    I use a Parrot, one of the old ones that looks like a one-line LED strip which works perfectly with my iPhone 3GS. Just picked up a loan A3 Sportback 2.0 petrol turbo today, which I'll use until my new car is delivered and it has a Bury hands-free kit. This seems to work very well too, a...
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    i phone apps, whats your favourite's?

    Battery Doctor - gets the most out of your battery life Appzilla - handy tool for spirit level, public holidays, hearing test all and the other useless rubbish Twitter LEDit - send rude messages across a busy bar to your friends or random women Moonpig - have family in Spain, so no excuse for...