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    Serious Depreciation!

    Just been to Peterbrough Audi to get a px figure on my A3 Sline Tdi170. Its a July 06 car with 26k on it (spec listed at bottom of my post). Not sure if I was expecting too much or they are trying to rip the a$$ out of me .................... been offered £14,250! :Flush: I queried them to...
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    So the BMW diesels are soooooooooooo superior to Audi's?

    I've read certain people bleating on here about how superior the BMW diesel engines are to the Audi/VW group diesels. On the subject of BMW diesel economy, my local dealer (when I looked at a 1 series for the inlaws [honest!!]) warned me not to expect book figures for the mpg and they were...
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    TDi170 Engine Concerns

    It is very rare for me to be outside the car with the engine running. Yesterday I started the car and hopped out to clear leaves from under the rear wiper blade. As soon as I got out of the car I could hear a very low pitched rythmic and barely audible deep knocking/thumping noise from the...
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    Canadian GP

    Well ............. WOW!!! The most rivetting race I've seen for a long time. Lewis Hamilton won and trounced the field. :respekt: Alonso seemed to have lost the plot completly and to add insult to injury got overtaken in a Super Aguri .......... BRILLIANT!:nyah: How in the hell...
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    Where is it? What does it look like?

    All the talk of the not so mythical DPF has got me wondering what it looks like exactly and where it is located in the car? Can anyone help?:wacko:
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    Laquer Issues

    In January my A3 was keyed both sides front to back by school kids. The car went into a an 'Audi Approved' body shop and had both sides re-sprayed. The laquer on the passenger side ONLY now has 3 burn marks from bird ****. I always clean any off as soon as I see it, and when we go out to walk...
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    Michelin Pilot Sport PS2's

    After just after 12k miles my Continental front tyres were well into the tread wear markers and one rear tyre had some deep cuts/splits in the tread blocks. I popped to a couple of tyre fitting companies for replacement quotes and thought ....... for a laugh ....... I'd try our local Quick...
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    Just Had Cuise Control Retro-fitted

    After reading on here that you can have cruise control retro-fitted, I organised to have it fitted by a company called Hazydayz Ltd who advertise on Ebay. I enquired just over a week ago and had replies to all my questions the same day, from the company owner Gareth. Gareth used to be an Audi...
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    Colour Of New Engine Oil ...... Post service

    Just read this on Scoobynet, and the guy has gone on to say that the new oil is a dark colour .......... anyone shed some light on the issue?? "Audi 2.0T Long Life Service - Dirty Oil?>?>? Hoping someone can provide assistance here. We had our 2006 A3 2.0T serviced yesterday, a long...
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    A3's Off To The Body Shop ....... Courtesy car

    A few of you may have read about a while ago about my week of hell which culminated with my A3 being keyed front to back on both sides while parked outside of Peterborough Hospital. :gun2: The car went into the body shop today for repair and I've been told its 2 weeks work to respray both...
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    Common Issue with the DIS

    One of my 1st posts on this forum was regarding whether S-Lines have a low-level washer fluid warning light. The handbook says yes it does, a good few of you said that your car had that feature. My car went in today and it seems mine is one of 4 that the Peterborough dealer has had to sort...
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    Oh my God!!!!!!!!

    Rushed the wife into hospital ........ 6 hours later has an emergency op as her apendix has burst. Go back to my car at 8:15pm....... keyed BOTH SIDES from the rear lights all along the sides to the headlights. No there were not any cameras to catch any one. Absolutley speechless!!
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    TDI 170 Tyre Wear!!!

    I parked up today with the front wheels at an angle so I had a quick look at how worn the tyres are ............. wish I hadn't!! :crying: Iv'e done 8,700 miles since August 80% of which is motorway driving and the tyres are Conti Sports 225/40/R18's. The drivers side front has just over...
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    Phantom Black A3 Owners ...... Regret Your Choice Of Colour?

    Rather than highjack another thread, I wondered what other owners of Phantom Black (not sure if Audi do another version of black) A3's thought of these comments: "black is the worst colour you can get a car in - stick with the grey - personally i would nevr ever buy a second hand black car...
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    Washer Fluid Reservoir Low-Level Indicator

    My A3 S-Line is one of the most expensive cars Iv'e bought yet does NOT have a warning light when the washer fluid reservoir gets low. The vast majority of my previous cars had this feature and its a real pain to run out of washer fluid with no warning during a motorway journey. My local...
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    Like The 1st Day At School!!

    1st post on a new forum is definately like your 1st day at a new school!! :search: Smogthemog gave me a heads up about this site after recently joining. I'm an Audi virgin from the Peterborugh area and recently clawed the local dealers A3 170ps TDi S-Line Sportback demonstrator out of...