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  1. chasdrury

    Fan noise behind dash

    Thanks, that's great
  2. chasdrury

    Fan noise behind dash

    Nice, thanks - and do i need a replacement one or can they be readjusted?
  3. chasdrury

    Fan noise behind dash

    I have a new noise coming from behind the dash - like a fan that is really unhappy! If i press and prod around above the hazard switch then i can get it to stop for a bit - at first we thought it was the DVD drive in the RNSe spinning. It happens almost all the time - whether the climate control...
  4. chasdrury

    Lumpy then high idle...

    Thanks! Easy and obvious how to fit?
  5. chasdrury

    Rhyso's Family Wagon

    Why have they left the RS6 grill in the bumper and masked it? Surely better to remove it
  6. chasdrury

    Lumpy then high idle...

    My 1.8T has started in the last few days to have a lumpy idle when it starts up. The rev counter is not flicking around alot, but you can feel it in the car - lumpy through the vibrations. Then, after about 3 or 4 minutes the idle goes from 800rpm to 1100rpm and stays there - not lumpy but...
  7. chasdrury

    Which HID kit?

    Not been here for a while - don’t use my A4 that much. Years ago it had a HID kit put in instead of the normal halogen bulbs by a garage who don’t exist anymore. Anyway, the passenger side one has failed. Any recommendations for a replacement kit - I will do both sides- but what is least likely...
  8. chasdrury

    Cluster swap

    so after years of searching I've found a colour dis cluster from a 2004 1.8T a4 the same as mine. I need it coding but know you need to swap the SKC keys around - does anyone know anywhere I can get this done in Yorkshire?
  9. chasdrury

    S4 Brake warning and speedo failure HELP!

    You can also get the ABS module repaired fairly cheaply.
  10. chasdrury

    Front camera

    Looks cool!
  11. chasdrury

    DAB Station Logos

    Working fine on a B9 MY2016 car we have here - all BBC logos display
  12. chasdrury

    Audi S6 C7.5 Revo stage 1

    What's it for? The infra camera or???
  13. chasdrury

    Audi S6 C7.5 Revo stage 1

    Front camera? Is that a factory thing or aftermarket?
  14. chasdrury

    OBD Eleven

    How weird - is it just press once and it closes or press and hold? Ours is press and hold - and then it beeps as it closes. We are the first owner, collected from a main dealer in June 2012 - never asked for it to be enabled!
  15. chasdrury

    OBD Eleven

    On our 2012 avant the boot closes from the fob from he factory! Strange!
  16. chasdrury

    Multitronic Box 2.0TDi

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts!
  17. chasdrury

    Multitronic Box 2.0TDi

    Same boat as me... I don't mind if it's Fl or not actually as I like pre facelift too.... Might look out for those then
  18. chasdrury

    How much is it worth?

    Cheers, all the mods are in my signature! Been offered £500 p/ex at Audi. Haha! I think i might just keep it!
  19. chasdrury

    Multitronic Box 2.0TDi

    Hi all Looking at a 2.0Tdi C7 - in the family we've a BiTDI with the 8 speed box that's as smooth as silk. Now, we need a big car that's good on fuel so the 3 Tdi doesn't really fit the bill - the 2.0 177 is perfect. However, I really want an auto, but am slightly worried about the previous...