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  1. Maxxed_Ross

    Boot 12v socket to constant live?

    Hi all I'm hoping with the complicated electrics in these modern cars that it may be possible to re-code the rear 12v socket (the one in the boot) to be a constant live? At the moment mine only seems to come on when the engine is actually running. I'm running a dog cage fan off it so obviously...
  2. Maxxed_Ross

    "Big Red" has arrived, the Avant Black Edition Ultra

    Sorry for my lack of info following the pick up last Friday... I've been too busy having fun in it! Pick up went well, there were a few marks UNDER the GaurdX - which was a little strange but apparently easily sorted, and a small pull on the leather at the top of the drivers seat (a...
  3. Maxxed_Ross

    Paddle shift extensions?

    Hi everyone Has anyone tried those paddle extensions that are on ebay? I quite...
  4. Maxxed_Ross

    First time Audi owner

    Hi all Since I'm about to take delivery of my first Audi I thought I should join an owners forum. A guy I work with has suggested here, so here I am! Hopefully I'll be picking up a nice new A6 Avant Black Edition from Edinburgh Audi in just over 3 long weeks! Put a few toys on it, but...