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  1. VAG_Club001

    Front Arch Liner Removal

    Hi all, I need to replace the washer fluid reservoir bottle/tank on my 2009 8P S3, does anyone have an existing thread I could look at (I’ve tried looking for one) or have any instructions? I believe I just need to remove the front arch liner rather than the entire front bumper assembly? Any...
  2. VAG_Club001

    Updated key [TTRS] fob

    Apologies if this has been posted already but for those with Keyless, have any of you updated to the TTRS key fob? My current RS3 fob looks prehistoric
  3. VAG_Club001

    PFL : Flashing Traction Control Symbol / Light in Instrument Cluster

    Apologies if this has been posted already but as above subject says, the traction control symbol / light is lighting up even at low speeds without driving under load. Haldex Pump?
  4. VAG_Club001

    Engine Bay Thread.....

    Is there an Engine Bay thread in here? If not, please post your pics. Looking for inspiration.
  5. VAG_Club001

    2016 RS3 Fuel Pump Recall, Clunking Gearbox and Squealing brakes

    Took my car into Audi today for the clunk I commented about per thread below While I was there, and apologies if this is old news, they said there is a recall on 2016 RS3 Models for the Fuel Pump to be...
  6. VAG_Club001

    Alloys Wheels that provide Big Brake Clearance?

    Hi all, looking for a wheel design that provides big brake clearance, besides OZ’s, Team Dynamics and Rotiform Six’s Everything else considered in either 19” or 20”s Cheers KKP
  7. VAG_Club001

    Loud Exhaust on initial start-up?

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been asked before but is there a way to 'silence' the initial exhaust noise on start-up before my neighbors lose their sh*t! :) Thanks in advance, KKP
  8. VAG_Club001

    12V Power Socket

    Hi all, First time I am posting in this forum as I have been posting until now in the 8P forum. I've recently bought a Pre-Facelift 8V RS3 and I'll probably have lots of questions over time :) However my first one is to do with the 12v Power socket (I have three (1) in the front cabin (2)in...
  9. VAG_Club001

    Aftermarket Rear Diffuser Options

    As per title, anyone recommend a custom or aftermarket rear diffuser for the 8P S3 please?
  10. VAG_Club001

    8P RS3 Rear Roof Spoiler fitting instructions for 8P S3

    Hi all, I'm either being really lazy or haven't looked hard enough but has anyone done this mod or got a link to getting one fitted? Thanks , KKP
  11. VAG_Club001

    Components to regularly check and change on 2.0 TFSI Engine

    Greetings all, My S3 is coming up to 40K in mileage and has been regularly serviced by Audi which I know wouldn't do certain parts besides their regular inspection parts. It's had a water pump and cam belt changed recently but besides these are there any other parts I should inspect or have...
  12. VAG_Club001

    Is an OEM RS3 8P Grill a straight replacement onto a FL 8P S3?

    ..or must I modify RS3 8P grill to fit an 8P S3? Thanks in advance,
  13. VAG_Club001

    Magnetic Ride Friendly Coilovers

    As Per title, are there any brands besides KWs that can be used with Magnetic ride please?
  14. VAG_Club001

    Byte 18 Experts?

    Any experts on Byte 18 coding please?
  15. VAG_Club001

    Brake Light bulb Out warning

    Is it possible to code the brake light bulb not raise an error on the dash? I am contemplating LED brake light bulbs in an 8P S3 2009 Thanks
  16. VAG_Club001

    S3 smoking exhaust when engine warm

    Greetings, Any idea what might be the cause of this? The car does not smoke on idle or cold but happens when the engine gets hot / normal operating temps. Also happens if the car pulls away from traffic lights. As per video when idling for a little while then Rev the engine it will puff...
  17. VAG_Club001

    ECS 2-piece Tru-Float wave rotors

    Hi all, As per above title, has anyone managed to fit this kit onto a 8P S3? See link below for more info
  18. VAG_Club001

    Anyone rolling with 380mm or 390mm discs with there Big Brake Kits on 19" wheels?

    Hi all As per subject, anyone done this mod and got pics please? Looking to do this with Brembo, Porsche or 8 / 6 pot calipers Thanks
  19. VAG_Club001

    Hub Centric 5MM wheelspacer for 8P S3

    Hi all Anyone know where I can get 5MM hub centric spacers please? I'm going to be doing a big brake conversion and need 5MM clearance Thanks KKP
  20. VAG_Club001

    rnse not working

    Hi Folks A friend of mine's rnse has stopped working. No lights, no nothing Any clues what the problem might be? He's checked the fuse(s) Thanks any help