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  1. AJ Jacob

    For Sale 4 x Geniune OEM Audi 21 Inch Rotor Alloy Wheels 9x21 ET35 Exclusive Black

    Looking to clear up space and sell my 21” OEM rotors. They were recently refurbished as I was planning on using them as summer alloys. Looking for £1400.
  2. AJ Jacob

    Audi S7 2015 Resonator Delete

    Hi Guys, New owners of an Audi S7, was wondering how to go about getting the car a bit more louder as stock the V8 sound is so hidden. Also is there an issue with doing the resonator delete, Cons and Pros? Any drone issues?
  3. AJ Jacob

    Rear Wiggle/Shimmy!! - Eibach Pro

    Hi Guys, For the life of me I cannot figure out what causing this weird effect. Hope someone here can shed some light on the matter. I recently upgrade to the Eibach Pro kits and had a full 4 wheel alignment done along with re-calibration of the adaptive suspension. The issue I am getting is...
  4. AJ Jacob

    Anyone with Stage 2 S3 PF?

    Hey Guys, Just trying to find out who else on here has stage 2 maps, specially MRC ones on their PF S3's.
  5. AJ Jacob

    S3 8v Alloy Check

    Strangely alloys confuse me. Can someone on here who is more knowledgeable confirm these will fit my Audi S3 8v Saloon? Currently i have stock alloys with 15mm spacers. OZ Website says it will Brand : OZ Racing Model : Superturismo GT Width : 8J Diameter : 19 Inch Bolt Pattern : 5x108 - 5x112...
  6. AJ Jacob

    Eibach Pro with Spacers

    Hi Guys, Anyone on here with the Eibach Pro or a 10 to 15mm drop with spacers. I have 15mm spacers all around current on stock setup. Would there be a problem with me installing springs? like rubbing etc? Would appreciate some advice.
  7. AJ Jacob

    Engine Bay Question

    Can anyone tell me if there should be a a pipe or fitting coming out of this outlet( one with the screwdriver pointing to it) in the engine please?
  8. AJ Jacob

    Stage 2 S3 8V

    Hey Guys, I wanted to know if anyone currently has a MRC stage 2 setup on their S3. If so I am trying to get some feedback before going down the route myself. I currently have a MTM box but wanted a bit more out of the car. So any feedback would be great. Thanks
  9. AJ Jacob

    New S5 White or Red

    Guys, I am thinking of ordering a new S5 sportback but I am torn between Ibis white or Tango red. I am planning to carry out my own black edition conversation on the car. Both colours are a good contrast for black.. Any suggestions?
  10. AJ Jacob

    Baby Seat

    Guys, Got our first newborn on the way, wanted to know if anyone managed to fit there baby seat in the rear middle seat? I need to be able to carry two adults at the back and was wondering if anyone has found an adaptor that will let you use the ISOfix's from either rear side seats?
  11. AJ Jacob

    B7 Keyfob to B8 Audi 8V

    Guys, Has anyone attempted switching your B7 keyfob to an newer B8 one? Is it just me or i hate the standard tacky keys that come with the 8v. :(
  12. AJ Jacob

    Carbon Fibre Laminating

    Guys, Anyone out there who is a professional or good at doing carbon laminating?
  13. AJ Jacob

    Exhaust Tips

    Guys, Has anyone managed to change there stock exhaust tips (trim), wanted to find out if it's possible and where to get the tips from?
  14. AJ Jacob

    DASH Cams

    Guys, How many of you have dash cams, I am just about to order someone but I am having doubts about the actual usefulness of the cams? I know it's good if you have an accident etc but e.g I haven't had an accident in 7 years. So is it really worth spending the money on dash cams?....
  15. AJ Jacob

    Audi vs Mercedes

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if anyone else thought Mercedes are starting to offer better cars for the price? I have a S3 and looking at the C43 amg it seems have nicer interior, proper panaromic roof and same power as the RS3 but with better spec for like for like price? C43 sound much meaner...
  16. AJ Jacob

    Racechip Tunning for S3

    Guys, I desperately need some more power on my S3 looking to get a piggy back system by next month. (MTM is the current choice but price is high and gains seems a bit on the lower side) Wanted to find out if anyone has had experience with this guys? They claim good figures, offer engine...
  17. AJ Jacob

    Airfields near london

    Silly question but thought id ask! Anyone know of any airfields near London where you can take your car to have a bit of fun? Loads of car guys on youtube etc seem to have access to airfields but i have never seen one even lol
  18. AJ Jacob

    Audi S3 8V Wheel Spacers

    Hey Guys, Wanted to get some advice and possible pictures of people who have already done this. I have an Audi S3 8v 2015 with 19" all stock and wanted push my tires out a bit more to give it a more aggressive stance :D. Wondering what would be the best option?? Below is the pic of my car...
  19. AJ Jacob

    Audi S3 8V Exhaust Valve Open

    Hi Guys, I am hoping some of the more technical guys can help with this question. I am aware you can disable the exhaust valves via the VCD and enable better sound of the S3. However would this be different to putting the gear into s mode and the valves opening? I have read that even with the...
  20. AJ Jacob

    Audi S3 8V Styling Ideas

    Hi Guys, Fairly new on here but got my baby last year brand new. She is Mugello Blue which was an exclusive colour. I am looking to add some styling into the car for fun and to make it look a bit more aggressive. I am thinking along the lines of painting a few parts like the mini boot...