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  1. lincoln_dj

    Cant program key whilst it's in the ignition, fine when out...

    Hi, got a weird one here. Trying to program a friends S3 8P key and struggling. Swapped the immo chip over fine, no issues starting the car. But it wont take the keyfob presses whilst the key is in the ignition (which needs to be on to keep the module powered). I cleared all keys prior, as...
  2. lincoln_dj

    B8 S5 FBSW (flat bottom steering wheel)

    Hi guys, I have a pre-facelift S5 (2011), and I want to upgrade to a FBSW. Just wondering what part numbers I want to be looking out for? Searching on eBay produces a few different types, some with more buttons than mine currently has, so wanna make sure I get a compatible one. Only...
  3. lincoln_dj

    S5 remap & parts recommendations (B8 3.0 V6T)

    Hi guys, Recently bought a 2011 pre-facelift S5 sportback (V6T) and making a bit of a shopping list. Previously had an 8P S3 "stage 2+" 365/391 (mapped by R-Tech) so looking to make similar gains with the S5. Firstly, any recommendations on who to get for the remap - seems to be a choice...
  4. lincoln_dj

    Recommendations for a car cover - 2011 Sportback

    Hi guys, Any recommendations for a car cover. It’ll be to stop tree sap etc whilst I’m working away for extended periods. Prices seem to vary wildly online, £30 to £300+ Want one that’s fitted unless there are really good generic ones. Cheers in advance!
  5. lincoln_dj

    Buying an S5 (3.0 V6) - what options would you have?

    Hi Guys, in the market for an S5, 5-door so looking at like a 10/60 plate. Just wondering what options worth having were available from new - and which of those could be retrofitted. EG would want FBSW, which most don't seem to have - but are an easy upgrade. Thanks in advance.
  6. lincoln_dj

    4-ch Equaliser recommendations - 8P S3

    Hi guys, did a quick search for "equaliser" but found nothing. I've got an aftermarket android stereo fitted, which I love. Just struggling with EQ - it's set different between it's native apps (using system EQ) and other apps such as spotify (uses each Apps EQ, of which Spotify no longer has)...
  7. lincoln_dj

    Differences between these S3 coilovers (Bilstein/H&R)

    Hi guys, I currently have H&R springs on my 2007 S3, got them purely to improve aesthetics. But the ride is a bit crashy so been pricing up Bilstein B8 dampers/shocks (fronts shortened). These cost over £600, which is fine. But then I saw these coilovers on eurocarparts, some are comparable...
  8. lincoln_dj

    Which shocks with H&R springs - S3

    Hi all, as title really. Happy with ride height on H&R springs on my 3-door '57 S3 but want to sort the bouncyness out, my shocks are probably original 9 year old ones. Should I stick with H&R shocks or go for the oft-recommended Bilstein B8's? Any other decent options? Cheers
  9. lincoln_dj

    next best brakes to TTRS setup? (sticking with 18s) on S3

    hi all, MOT/service due soon and gunna need discs anyway so wanting to upgrade. looked into TTRS/RS3 option but looks risky with my wheels as to whether theres enough room, plus budget cant really stretch at the minute, so was just after opinions on the next best thing. happy to stick with OEM...
  10. lincoln_dj

    Part Number request - quadlock repair wire

    hi guys, I'd like to add 4 new wires to my quadlock connector for the rear speakers and just wondered if anyone could tell me the part number i'd need please? assuming they exist! They'll be for the pins shown in attached photo Cheers! Adam.
  11. lincoln_dj

    Obtaining Security Access Codes

    Hi, I'm trying to get hold of the security access codes for all my modules that require one but not having much luck. There is the odd guide to something (retrofit etc) that may mention one code for one module. Some info also says the codes should pop up in a bubble when at the screen requiring...
  12. lincoln_dj

    DIS Oil Temp display is blank / showing null

    Hi, I'm 99.9% certain the temperature used to display when I went to check it via the DIS but whenever I look now it just shows "---". It was blank with my original red DIS and is still blank with the facelift S3 black/white cluster I've had fitted. It's a '57 S3. I did wonder if it was...
  13. lincoln_dj

    air guide/duct for use with aftermarket intake

    the heat shield thing I got with my ITG maxogen is a bit naff, seems to cut off the air from where the OEM gap at the front is. Looking for something like seen in the pic here... any ideas where I can get one from, or...
  14. lincoln_dj

    opinion on this "ebay" system - 4x IP cam, 3G/GPS,

    Hi guys, I'm after a system that will support at least 2 cams, maybe 4, and want the actual cameras to be as small as possible - really not keen on the typical dash cams - basically full-size cameras stuck to the window. Would also like to be able to track the car via GPS/3G from a computer or...
  15. lincoln_dj

    Black RS6 grille for A6

    A friend has a tdi A6 and looking to get an rs6 grille fitted. Looks like the OEM RS6 grille is easy enough to fit but would be quite dear from Audi! Anyone got experience of the eBay ones? Such as these? Cheers!
  16. lincoln_dj

    swapping coin tray / cup holder for buttons

    I'm after a couple extra buttons on my dash and instead of drilling holes for them I wonder if it's possible to replace the coin tray with another set of buttons. Obviously one would be another ESP button! Have seen it's possible to replace the button fronts...
  17. lincoln_dj

    S3 - what bushes to change / uprate?

    Hi, I've got a couple for when I fit my full milltek TBE (saw they were recommended on here when doing the exhaust), although it looks like I'll actually only need one of them? (shown below) and I'm also getting my...
  18. lincoln_dj

    need TPMS set button with facelift cluster?

    Hi guys, i'm about to install a facelift instrument cluster in my 2007 S3, and i'm just wondering if the tyre pressure monitoring can be 'set' via the DIS? Just seen a video of a 2010 setting their tyre pressures via the DIS. Or am I still going to need the TPMS set button adding? Cheers
  19. lincoln_dj

    what brakes for S3 if TTRS/RS3 wont fit?

    looking like the TTRS/RS3 upgrade is going to be a struggle with the wheels I have, so just wondering if there's an alternative. Can add better pads with stock discs/callipers, but can't see any point in swapping the discs out for standard 345mm aftermarket ones. If I go bigger, is there an...
  20. lincoln_dj

    S3 insurance after mods

    Hi guys, put this in here rather than insurance room, as only asking about the 8P S3. Just wondering what people's experiences are with insurance after declaring their mods. I'm planning on going down the "stage 2+" route, so: intake, intercooler, hpfp, rs4 fuel valve, milltek TBE so hoping for...