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    What alloys?

    I'm after a set of 18s, my A4 Avant. Not to keen on the sport 17s and I think some 18s would make the car look a bit fresher and up to date. Wanting some Audi wheels, doesn't matter if they are reps and I will be getting a used set. Got around £250 to spend on some, then I'm hoping I can get...
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    Detail with Celeste Dettaglio on my A4-Just a few pics

    I was lucky enough to win the best reflection competition set by Juicy Jen@juicydetailing, I won a pot of Chemical Guys Celeste Dettaglio. Products used: Karcher pressure washer Autobrite foam lance and snow foam DodoJuice Supernatural sponge Autoglym bodywash Large drying towel Roll up and...
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    Do new clutchs have a break-in point?

    Had a new clutch (Black Diamond) and flywheel fitted yesterday and i'm getting clutch slip in 3rd 4th and 5th. The clutch is a Black Diamond, which says it handles a extra 20-25% of torque over standard and the flywheel is a DMF LUK. Been back to the garage this morning and he said to leave it...
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    Lowering Sport tdi Avant

    Hi all just wondering what lowering springs I should go for? Not wanting coilovers or complete units, just the springs. Really been struggling to find some for my car. As in title its a 1.9 tdi sport avant. 30-40mm drop will be fine. Not wanting to spend anymore than £120-£130 on them.
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    MAF packed in?

    Was going to be cleaning out my turbo vanes today but went to go out this morning and the car had no power at all, I can hear the turbo but the car goes nowhere at any RPM. Anyway I returned home and cleaned the vanes, the actuator moves very freely, not sticking or anything, I then gave the...
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    Poss boost problem?

    I have a 1.9tdi 130 5speed I don't seem to be getting boost untill around 2k, it does start building at around 1800k but no real kick at all untill 2k, is this normal for these, my mates Passat has the same engine and is fully on boost by about 1500k. Thanks
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    Which oil

    Wanting to get a oil and filter change done before winter and just wanted to know which oil to go with? The car is a 1.9tdi 130 with 100k on the clock. Keep looking on the internet and almost bought some but it said for a PD engine it needs different oil....ahhh confused.
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    Where to get wiper Motor and linkage?

    Where is the best place to get a front wiper motor and the complete linkage from? Also how much should I expect to pay for this?
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    Airbag Light

    My Airbag light keeps coming on but then will go off, then come back on a minute later and so on. Does this sound like a loose connection somewhere? I've had a quick play with the sensors under the seat but it's still doing it, where abouts are the other sensors so I can give them a check?
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    Loosing power?

    Hi all, I've got a 1.9tdi 130 avant 5 speed. When I first got the car it seemed to give you a good shunt into your seat when putting your foot down, that now seems to have gone and the car doesn't seem any faster then my old B5 Tdi which was running 145bhp. Also in 4th and 5th I don't seem to...
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    Tdi Chatter?

    Well today driving along in 4th and I let off the accelerator and I got Turbo Chatter....why? Never heard this on a tdi before, had a golf 1.8t do it before because the bov was knackered but diesels don't have them so why am I getting this?
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    Thermostat Location

    On a 1.9tdi 130 I've had a look and it looks to me like it's just below the alternator? Is this right? Also is it a hard job to do on these or pretty straight forward?
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    My Tdi Avant Sport

    Hey all, just got a B6 Avant 3 days ago after selling my B5 Saloon. I picked the car up Sunday morning and when I got it home I got my HID kit fitted. Then on Sunday evening I took the car to be remapped, now running around 170bhp On order I also have some LED fog lights and a boot...
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    My upgrade from B5

    Didn't think you guys would mind me posting up in the B5 section, seeing as I was a B5 owner for quite awhile. Was planning on getting a Passat estate but this A4 came up in my price range so I got it. 1.9tdi 130 Sport Not doing much to it, quite like it how it is. Already done though...
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    A4 B6 Sport Avant

    Was planning on getting a Passat estate but this A4 came up in my price range so I got it. 1.9tdi 130 Sport Not doing much to it, quite like it how it is. Already done though: *Remapped to around 170bhp *Fitted HID kit *Got LED bulbs for foglights on the way Needs the paint...
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    Well my A4 has been sold

    Had a deposit put down on it and it's going on Monday. Making way for.....a Passat b5.5 Estate 1.9tdi 130 Sport on a 53 plate, hopefully picking it up on Tueday. Was going to go for a b6 Audi estate but when I compared the Audi and Passat and looked at what I could get for my budget, it was...
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    Hey guys

    Planning on going to see a B6 130pd avant in a few days, its done 122k, cambelt changed at 104k, full service history, last owner for 5 years. Is there anything at around this mileage that starts showing wear and may need replaceing soon? Clutch etc. Also how do these react to a remap? Any...
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    Not sure if anyone has seen these yet

    YouTube - ‪Audi RS3 review - Auto Express‬‏ YouTube - ‪Audi RS3 Brutal exhaust SOUND!!! + Drive - review by‬‏ YouTube - ‪Audi RS 3 Sportback 0-100 acceleration‬‏
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    Supercharged Beast-Detail

    Just finished doing this today. Products used: *Snowfoam *Megs soft wash gel *Megs clay *megs 205 *3m polishing pad *Silverline rotary *IPA *Autosmart rubber dressing *Autoglym fast glass *Tardis *Auto glym metal polish *Nattys paste wax *Lots of microfibres, brushes etc. Found the paint on...
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    Anyone else got tickets booked to see it? Can't wait to see it, got a nice middle centre seat :D