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    S3 v clio 172 - Review

    Sold my S3. Sad to see it go but needed a cheaper car so bought a 53 plate renaultsport clio 172. Naturally i've compared it against the S3 along my usual roads (much the same as my previous cars). The Clio has slightly more spec than my S3 had. Auto lights, auto wipers, cruise control, plus...
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    8L S3 v 8P S3

    Had a play with a shiny black S3 8P this weekend out of a roundabout onto an empty dual carriageway. Identical! If anything i was ever so slightly gaining but not enough to worry about, plus i was behind so slip streaming! I'm happy with that! Had a similar play with a 635d. They are also...
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    Faster on part throttle than full throttle?

    Why is this? When flooring it as the revs build to about 5k if i lift off to about 60% the thing feels like its got another 30bhp! Not complaining of course, but i'm used to full throttle being full power!!
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    S3 Facelift changes

    Just thought i'd list what i could for the changes that came with facelift models. Feel free to correct as appropriate: ESP (Electronic stability program) with button on dash Introduciton of symphony head unit New gas strut design for tailgate? New soft touch tailgate release function New...
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    Ibiza Cupra (Mapped) v S3 (mapped)

    More of a back to back test. A friend brought round his mapped Ibiza Cupra (approx 210bhp) today so we warmed both cars up then went for a back to back test along the same bumpy peak district roads. Outside temp = -2.0! What a difference. Bluntly the S3 walks all over it. Smoother ride, far...
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    Oil level sensor

    Anyone had this? Mine came on briefly last night. Just after a service! He said it was giving an implausible signal on VCDS (a long with brake switch!). I was told to ignore it as to change it will require more new oil! Brake light switch i assume is easy to change myself...Like clutch switch?
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    Meteor Grey S3 (PN03 ***) - on M1 nr Leeds

    Anyone on here? Followed for ages but struggled keeping up (i was in works car!!) Looked good on the road. Standard?
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    Fave road signs!

    Obviously the favourite! Another i'm always happy to see... Great when following a slow vehicle... Nearly home! I'm fond of these when i'm in my Landrover!
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    S3 v TT mk1

    Had a rather supprising bit of fun with a TT last night. I was driving home from playing fooball along a dual carriageway with numerous traffic light junctions, minding my own business hunting for a vehicle to play with, as always. But it seems this time i was the prey. Suddenly the distinct...
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    S3: 8L v 8P

    Had a little experiment with an 8P last night. Dual carriageway, 6th gear... Identical! Didn't last too long as there was traffic but nice to see. One of these days i'll meet a stage 1 8P, then get humbled!!
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    HID lamp conversion

    Anyone had any experience with these? My S3 obviously has xenons, but not Bixenons, maybe these could be installed on the main beam? Or in my other car which doesn't have xenons at all! Are they any good or would brighter bulbs be a cheaper option! Link...
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    S3 v STI v S2000 v Aston

    Had a great journey home from work today (going to have to work late more often - far better cars on the road up for some fun!) Anyway, my daily 35 mile commute takes into the Peak District. So a mix of tight bumpy lanes and smooth fast A roads. Perfect for the S3. I caught a slower vehicle...
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    over revving between gears issue

    Hi all, Lots of old posts about this in the search but it all seems to have not found a conclusion. I have this problem and as far as i can tell, there are a few options: Clutch Switch - Swapped this but no change Symptom of a remapped car? - Rang the tuner but they deny this and...
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    S3 Xenon level

    Are they self levelling? Mine seem to be pointing too low!
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    Indicator irregular flash?

    Hi all, just quickie. My indicators started flashing irregularly both sides. The hazards flash perfectly. Maybe its the relay but where is it? Cheers ian
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    Got my S3, loving it!

    Hi all, Ex M3 owner here and very pleased with my 8L S3. Loving the comfort grip and looks. Ok performance wise its considerably slower but i'm hoping a remap will sort that out. Right now on greasy country lanes its fantastic being able to get the power down. You'll be seeing lots of me...
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    53k miles 210 or 71k miles 225?

    Hi guys what do you think. I'm going to try and get one in the next week or so
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    Facelift questions

    Hi all, Just sold my E46 M3 and looking a for a nice low miles facelift S3 in Grey or Silver. A couple of questions though: Evo mag suggest there were some suspension tweaks later on. Did these come in at the same time as the 225 engine and what are they? Just a case of finding one now...
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    Just a quickie... Are the S3 xenons biXenons or normal ones?
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    S3 or Mini Cooper S

    Quite fancy the traction of the S3, but for similar price a more modern looking funky Mini Cooper S can be had (preferrably with the 210bhp conversion). Anyone driven/raced one?!!!