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    New Cayenne purchase

    Having considered holding out for a new Cayenne and hoping Porsche released a diesel (which I understand they are now not) and also considering the SQ7 I took the plunge on a fully loaded stock S Platinum Edition. So far no regrets!!
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    It is kinda VAG

    Having considered holding out for a new Cayenne and hoping Porsche released a diesel (which I understand they are now not) and also considering the SQ7 I took the plunge on a fully loaded stock S Platinum Edition. So far no regrets!!
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    Help...door wont open!

    HELP - 01812 - Supply Voltage for Door Controller; Pass. Side (J387) low voltage and door wont open. Tried pulling both handle at the same time etc. Window works fine. Any ideas?? Its a 2006 Sportback
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    S3 quad exhaust fitment on tdi

    Has anybody retrofit the s3 quads on to a tdi 184 quattro? It seems it should all mate save for a 60-5m reducer? Also obv a diffuser needed
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    New (to me) S5 purchase

    After much deliberation over an S3 or S5 cab to replace the TT, have gone with this. 2012 Facelift S5 in Monsoon Grey with red roof and mega options boxes ticked! Roof may not be to everyones liking but its certainly different...!
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    In the market - S5 cab

    Hi all, Having considerd the 8V S3 i have decided upon an S5 cab. Anyone on here selling - budget is approx £18k have an SQ5 and TT MK2 V6 (for sale if interested in PX?) Anything i need to look out for? Seems they are pretty trouble free?
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    SQ5 SQ5 Door acourtesy Light Mod

    I couldnt find these anywhere so had some specially manufacturered.These are not off the shelf items and you cannot buy these anywhere else in the UK or abroad. You can even rotate the projection so it can sit across the door entrance or in line with the door itself. Some may...
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    BLB dreaded oil pump issue but advice needed in law has an A4 2.0 tdi. 75k and got oil pressure light on, limp mode and then pulled over. Common fault is oil pump failing on these BLB engines. His local garage have said he needs a new engine but the car starts and can be moved (very low speeds) with no issues. Do you...
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    Will these fit a B7 S Line?

    i have the following for sale: 2 X A4 wheels (fronts) Audi Ronal 8 X 18 ET47 8K0601025 5x112 CB66.6 Pirelli Cintirato P7 245/40/18 3/4mm 2 X A5 (rears) Audi Ronal 8.5 X 18 ET29 8T0601025 5x112 CB66.6 Pirelli Pzero 245/40/18 5/6mm A potential buyer has asked if they will fit his b7 s line. I...
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    Booming sound at certain revs

    any ideas? Going uphill or when putting gas down there is a booming sound almost like vibration but can't work out from where? Happens around 2-2.5k 2.0 tdi 170 Quattro manual btw
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    S3 Convertible opinions please

    not quite yet but in the near future may consider upgrading from the TT to an S3 Convertible. Have got an SQ5 but four seats would be more practical and want to remain with a convertible in the household. So what are people's opinions? Many on here own them? I presume tuning is relatively easy...
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    B8 TDI mod from single exit to dual exhaust? What options?

    Have a dual exit diffuser to fit to replace the single exit diffuser for a 168TDI CR avant. What exhaust options are there to get a full exit setup? Aftermarket or do any stock exhausts bolt on?
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    Bluetooth on Concert I

    Hi all, Wondering if you can help. Finances...sisters...boyfriend (!) has a 2005 Audi A4 S line with a concert I and wants Bluetooth. What is the best way of installing, we are looking at an Xmas present so no RNSE!
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    Free coilovers if you can swap the over.?

    i have my car up for sale and believe I may sell easier if it is not modified. i have a set of JOM coilovers which I have been very impressed with! now here is the catch, I am no a tech man...but if you can come to mine and put my standard suspension on you can have them free! Am based near...
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    Stay or go?

    So fitted these today and am unsure if they suit the car? opinions? Sway my decision! may put them up for sale if I remain undecided...
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    Quad exhausts on a sportback?

    Does anybody have any pics of quad exhausts on a sportback? i have picked myself up an abt system and am unsure as to whether is it going to look ott...also I presume a Dremel job to cut out the valance? I like the abt as it has staggered pipes so they do not all stick out at the same length...
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    Coilies fitted to the S-Line

    Earlier this year during a service I was advised my rear shock was leaking and As the MOT is due in the next few weeks I thought I had better do something about it. i had a Passat a few years back with TA Technik coilies and 20s and braved JOM on this... I got them v cheap and a mate fitted...
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    Sport vs S Line

    It is not until you park up next to a different model you really notice the differences Mine is the S line btw :D
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    What rnse is this?

    Anybody have an idea as to what rns this is as it seems to be lacking some buttons!!
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    Facelift mirror heads..

    Does anybody know if the facelift heads will fit on to the preface lift bases? Can the preface motors be used on facelifts? Thanks